Owo Tech Raises $3M Seed Funding

OwO Technologies, a Gurugram-based water e-commerce startup, announced on Monday that it has raised $3 million (about Rs 22.5 crore) in seed capital from well-known investors. By establishing WaaS (water-as-a-service), OwO is disrupting the online necessities area (the drinking water industry at large), the firm stated in a statement, adding that the company plans to grow to 75 cities by March 2023.

The money will be utilised to expand the company’s technology platform and open offices in Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, and Pune.

OwO technologies co-founder and CEO Ajay Changani said, “We have now entered a D2C model to deliver the healthiest water to every Indian home through a water subscription model. With a disruptive business model, it uses technology to ensure that every glass of water consumed in every home is in its healthiest form.”

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