Polygon Founder Invested in Pseudonymous Social Network Zorro

Polygon founder Jayanti Kanani has invested in pseudonymous social network Zorro. “In this new era of web 3.0, pseudonymity is needed globally to enable seamless transactions, socially & commercially. I am glad Team Zorro has focused on this need and is building a world class product. I am happy to back their efforts towards making a customer driven product for the world” said Jayanti Kanani, the founder of Polygon.

With the experience of Polygon’s founder and the impact they have in the market, we aim to deliver the best product for people around the globe,” said Jasveer Singh – Co-founder and CEO, Zorro.

We at Zorro are delighted to be backed by visionaries like Jayanti Kanani. This investment is directed towards the development of the product. We want to build a platform that empowers real stories and truth” said Abhishek Asthana- Co-founder, Zorro.

Zorro is an early stage startup. It is a platform that empowers individuals to share their true experiences with the community. With this new-age social network people can speak the truth without having to worry about being judged. This early stage startup has earlier raised $3.2 million in a seed round from 3one4capital, eximius ventures, root ventures and is backed by 16 unicorn founders.

According to the investors, Zorro is a revolution and it can change social media for good. This platform will let people use a pseudonym which will allow people to control their reputation and exposure to unwanted social interactions. It will also help creators to create content freely and fairly.

The Zorro app is in the development stage and is expected to launch in 2022

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