Movember launches world’s first NFTs that could save men’s lives

To help spread awareness around Testicular Cancer Awareness Month this April, men’s health charity Movember, will launch the world’s first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that could save a life.

Designed by art collective MISHKA NYC, in collaboration with MRM New York, the Non-Fungible-Testicles NFT project aims to create awareness around the risk of testicular cancer, providing users with the reminders to check themselves.

Here’s how it works: Each NFT will evolve depending on how much you ‘check in’ on it. Owners will be rewarded for becoming familiar with their Non-Fungible Testicles, in the same way they should check their real testicles. Regular self-checks enable men to get to know what’s normal for them, so they can act quickly if something changes.

The more you check on your NFT, the more unique traits you can add to your Non-Fungible-Testicle, ultimately making it more rare. Those who forget to check will lose these traits over time.

“This has to be one of the coolest and most appropriate projects for our brand. For years, MISHKA NYC has been known to push the boundaries on art, illustration, and graphic design. Fresh off our NFT derivative project the ‘Keep Watch Crew’ we have also solidified ourselves as members of the web 3 community and couldn’t be more happy to create some balls! Trying to balance the cute but edgy, fun but not gross was a little tough at first, but with the help of my designer Mike Jones we were able to come up with something that reflects both brands perfectly while allowing us to spread the important message of self care for men, ” said MISHKA NYC.

Non-Fungible-Testicles is a fun way to remind people of a very simple action to avoid or identify a possibility of testicular cancer. The gamification also reminds us the more often we check in, the healthier our Non-Fungible testicles get while making the pair more valuable,” said Harsh Kapadia, Chief Creative Officer, MRM New York.

The Non-Fungible-Testicles NFTs will launch on the Solana blockchain on April 26 at 3PM EST , as a play to earn NFT PFP games designed to encourage young men to check themselves while raising funds for vital cancer research.

The dynamic nature of NFTs and blockchain technology allows for new fun and innovative ways to reach men and encourage behavior change,” said Dan Cooper, Director of Innovation at Movember.

Details of how to mint and support the Non-Fungible-Testicles will be released in Movember’s official NFT DiscordTwitter and nonfungibletesticles.io.  Check often for updates and details.

Proceeds from the sale and resale of the NFTs will support testicular cancer research, namely the multi-national TIGER trial which has been designed to determine which therapy works best for men who’ve been treated for testicular cancer, but in whom the cancer has returned.

Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in young men, but the good news is, survival rates are high if the disease is caught early. However, Movember research has shown that more than half of men aged between 18-34 worldwide didn’t know they were in the age group most at risk. Nearly two thirds (62 per cent) of this group didn’t know how to carry out a self-examination.

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