Dil Foods raises $128,000 from angel investors for expansion

Dil Foods, a company that works with small to medium-sized independent food enterprises and restaurants, just received $128,000 in angel finance. With this money, the company plans to expand and develop in Bengaluru.

It has gone live for home delivery in 15 sites throughout Bengaluru in just over two months. It touts itself as an asset-light strategy by utilising the underutilised infrastructure of small independent restaurants to give a genuine regional food experience to India’s different palates.

Arpita Aditi, founder and CEO, Dil Foods, said, “The Indian food industry witnessed high shut-down rates in smaller restaurants operating at this scale. Our team identified such key issues and came up with a solution to address these pain points. They provide training, packaging, and marketing to small restaurants owned independently, and assimilate them into the larger Dil brand.”

“We see the brand to cater to any regional cuisine, while also safeguarding the livelihoods of our restaurant partners. We are excited about taking our venture out in the world of food, and hope that our patrons grow in strength not just in Bengaluru, but beyond too!,” she added.

Dil Foods, situated in Bengaluru, provides training, packaging, and marketing to small, independently operated eateries, as well as assimilating them into the bigger Dil brand. It is excited to collaborate with small restaurant operators to build a shared and sustainable economy that can accommodate the diverse Indian palate. Its platform is open, scalable, and an authentic response to Bengaluru’s growing demand for regional cuisines.

Aditi, who has worked in the food industry for the past six years, managed relationships with Swiggy from 2017 to 2019, and afterwards launched Nutnbolt, a business solution for the food industry, came up with the idea.

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