S Chand to upskill students in technology courses signs an agreement with Mahatma Gandhi University Kerela

S Chand and Company Ltd. has signed an agreement with Mahatma Gandhi University, a state-owned public university headquartered in Kottayam in the state of Kerela, for upskilling students in technology-driven programs such as data science, coding, AWS, analytics, Java, etc.

According to the MoU, these programs will be conducted in collaboration with iNeuron Intelligence Private Limited, one of India’s fastest upskilling technology companies with renowned tech educators like Krish Naik, Sudhanshu Kumar, Hitesh Choudhary and Navin Reddy among others. Over 15,000 students will have access to the programme through a very affordable 2-year membership plan when it launches in October 2022.

Commenting on the partnership, Himanshu Gupta, Managing Director of S Chand and Company Limited, said, “We are grateful that Dr. Sabu Thomas, the university’s vice-chancellor, offered us the opportunity to be a part of this ambitious and innovative project. Mahatma Gandhi University is one of the Top 50 universities in India and is recognized for collaborating with prominent international universities and national agencies and institutions. We are confident that this partnership will provide great synergies and will immensely benefit the students since both our organizations share a common goal – making education relevant, affordable and accessible.”

He continued by saying,  “In the twenty-first century, upskilling is indispensable because it not only improves your existing skills but also helps you learn new ones, stand out to employers, and land the jobs you want. It also prepares you for being a skilled entrepreneur with modified and up-to-date knowledge. We think that iNeuron is the perfect digital platform because it provides reasonably priced online courses, employment assurance programmes, placement assistance, a ground-breaking self-paced internship portal, and an unrivalled job portal that closes the skills gap in the industry and prepares students for the workforce. We are eager to begin the programme in October and look forward to the students’ reception and feedback.”

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