Semiconductor startup Mindgrove raises $2.35M in seed funding

A seed fundraising round led by Sequoia Capital India, Speciale Invest, and Whiteboard Capital raised $3.35 million for the semiconductor business Mindgrove technology, which was incubated at IIT Madras. Ashwini Asokan (Mad Street Den) and Nischay Goel, two individual investors, also took part in the round (Duro Capital).

The deeptech business plans to add personnel and grow up its technologies with the obtained funding.

Mindgrove is a deep tech startup founded in 2021 by Shashwath T. R. and Sharan Srinivas J. It specialises in designing system-on-chips (SoCS) that are affordable and power-efficient for use in the internet-of-things (IoT), automotive, consumer electronics, industrial automation, security, and aviation sectors.

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