SelfDecode Raises $1MM in Crowdfunded Investment Round

SelfDecode – an integrated AI platform providing personalized health recommendations based on DNA, labs, and environmental factors – has raised more than $1 million through crowdfunded investments.

The ongoing investment round is being run through WeFunder, a leading securities platform that makes angel investing available to average investors, offering opportunities to build a portfolio of high-growth technology companies.

We are ecstatic to see such excitement from individual investors who recognize the accomplishments that SelfDecode has realized and believe in what we are building,” said Joe Cohen, SelfDecode founder and CEO. “Platforms like WeFunder democratize the investment world, making it more accessible for everyday people, much like we aim to do at SelfDecode in the world of precision health care.”

SelfDecode will use the investment to grow their team of highly skilled scientists, MDs, PhDs, and software engineers dedicated to providing the most accurate predictions of risks and offering treatment recommendations to address health issues quickly and affordably.

Additionally, the company plans to begin partnering with corporations to reduce healthcare costs via preventative treatments, provide clinical decision support systems to medical providers, and conduct clinical trials for FDA approval for patented diagnostic tests.

“To a young and disruptive company, investments are the driving force behind sustained growth and success,” said Cohen. “SelfDecode has the potential to change how we monitor and understand our health, empowering everyone to take an active role in managing their healthcare.”

With close to $2.5M in total revenue over the past year and 14.5K active, paid members, SelfDecode is advantageously positioned to capture a share of the explosive digital health market, which is forecast to reach $639B by 2026

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