Beyondlife.Club Official Drop for Amitabh Bachchan NFT Collection with “Loot Box” goes Live

After Amitabh Bachchan recently announced his entry on NFT platformnow the company, Beyondlife.club has deployed the official Drop Wallet to carry out all the associated transactions with the upcoming NFT Drop of Bollywood’s legendary superstar. The auctions will also be live soon & will feature a plethora of NFTs that will exhibit some of the most prized moments from superstar’s journey. The NFT collection would be the first ever NFT based on Guardian Link’s ANT.RIP NFT technology preventing it from being ripped or copied thereby, protecting the exclusive rights of its owner which is currently a challenge in the NFT landscape.

Beyondlife.club advanced Drop Wallet supports multiple forms of digital transactions from debit cards to crypto, making the auctions easily accessible to both the tech-savvy as well as non-crypto users. The platform supports both Ethereum and Matic networks for its minting process & provides branded and a carefully curated marketplace that is well-positioned to have full extensibility across a multitude of third-party niche NFT auction destinations and markets for artists, celebrities, athletes to provide a better reach and penetration within the targeted audience.

NFT collection launched is rare, unique and authentic in nature. This is one of the first high value collections with inclusion of Madhushala Recording in Mr. Bachchan’s own voice, Vintage Hand Painted Rare Posters exclusively signed by Amit Ji and also digitized signed posters. One of the unique things of the auction is that it is designed to be inclusive with a special “Loot Box”. Each buyer of $10 Loot Box NFT is not only getting a rare NFT but also has a chance to claim one of the rarest vintage posters, rare Amitabh art pieces & digital posters. All are included in the “Loot Box”.

Arun Pandey, MD & Chairman, Rhiti Group and Co-founder, Beyondlife.club said, “The Most awaited NFT Drop of this year will soon go live & this drop wallet will be accessible only once you add value to it. So come join us in this endeavor of ours & get ready to get your hands on an asset that holds Amit-Ji’s significance, history, the value of exceptional existence, and beyond.”

Keyur Patel, Co-founder & Chairman of Guardian and Co-founder Beyondlife.club said, “India’s NFT exchange space has gained quite a lot of traction over the past couple of months owing to celebrities like Amit ji entering into this previously unexplored digital space but there’s still a sense of curiosity among people owing to its digitized nature & increased incidents of hacking & forgery.”

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