Bengaluru Based Chronic care startup OneCare raises $1M in pre-seed round

OneCare, a Bangalore-based diabetes care startup, raised $1 million in a pre-seed round led by Multiply Ventures and Better Capital.

OneCare, founded in 2021 by Dr. Rakesh Shivran and Sagar Bhat, uses AI and IOT technology, behavioural science, and clinical research to create clinics that give 10x better results to patients with chronic conditions like as diabetes.

Rakesh Shivran, Co-founder and CEO at OneCare, said, “The Indian healthcare system, designed for acute conditions and infectious diseases, fails to provide much-needed comprehensive care suiting the needs of chronic disease patients. At most clinics, patients do not have options to get this comprehensive care and are stuck in the vicious cycle of over-reliance and increasing burden of only pharmaceutical interventions.”

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