Media tech startup Mogi I/O partners with Lemma to enable Ad-based revenues for its White Label OTT clients

Vikrant-Khanna Founder CEO-Mogi-IO

Mogi IO, a B2B Media-Tech SaaS start-up that leverages Artificial intelligence (AI) in building cutting-edge IPs has partnered with Lemma to offer Ad-based revenues on Mogi’s white-label OTT solution to its clients, thereby offering all possible monetisation opportunities to Mogi’s clients.

Mogi’s white-label OTT/video app solution is creating disruption in the content industry by offering a totally managed, plug & play, OTT platform via no-code integration. Its path-breaking pricing model which has no upfront or fixed cost and only monthly subscription-based pricing is demolishing entry barriers in the video industry & enabling content owners to launch their branded OTT platform within days and also start monetising their content.

Mogi’s white label solution empowers content owners to launch their own branded platform on Mobile, web & TV. Besides, it provides a comprehensive backend Content Management Portal, along with a robust & highly scalable video streaming & hosting infrastructure. For monetisation, all known forms of revenue generation for OTT i.e. SVOD (subscription-based), TVOD (pay per view) & AVOD (Ad based) are available for Mogi’s clients.

The partnership with Lemma strengthens the AVOD capability of Mogi’s end-to-end OTT solution.

Vikrant Khanna, Co-Founder and CEO, of Mogi IO said, “Studies has shown that in Asia-Pacific region 75 percent of OTT revenue is advertisement driven, i.e. viewers do not want to pay to watch. In such a situation subscription-based monetisation of the OTT platforms, especially the newly floated ones are quite difficult to come by.”

“When it comes to the advertising-based monetisation, today the world depends on algorithm-based programmatic buying engine. It is important to have the right partnerships which ensure maximation of ad inventory utilisation at the best rates for Mogi’s clients in a seamless way. Lemma’s platform is best suited for the same,”he said.

Lemma’s robust CTV supply-side platform provides technology optimized for all ad formats. As the preferred SSP partner, Lemma will help Mogi OTT apps to generate revenue through Lemma’s programmatic demand. Publishers with CTV inventory across the globe use Lemma to monetize their screens, making them discoverable and scale revenue. Lemma, a leading SSP for CTV provides buyers a high-quality ad inventory & supply billions of advertising impressions globally.

Mayuresh Phadke Co-founder, Lemma said, “Monetization of digital inventory across devices has been Lemma’s forte, made possible through our proprietary AdTech platform. This association with Mogi will help expand our CTV supply strength while simultaneously providing monetizing opportunities to apps integrated with Mogi through our pool of programmatic demand and technology stack.”

The Vision of Mogi Solutions is to aggregate their OTT content developers in such a way that millions of content creators will be able to launch and upload their own platforms uninterruptedly, with a monetization security within seven days of launch.

As Vikrant said, “there are 15 million content creators on well-known platforms like YouTube. Even if 5 percent of it gets converted to Mogi, that will create the disruption we are looking for. Apart from in-built video delivery infrastructure and buffer-free video delivery to the end-users, we have robust DRM for piracy prevention, world-class video analytics, granular control over content library, smart search and tagging for context investing and flexible bandwidth-based competitive pricing.”

Mogi I/O enables content platforms to stream buffer-free videos, of high quality, at 50% of their size leveraging its patented AI technology. The buffer-free video results in superior viewer engagement while reducing streaming costs to half for the video platform.

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