QuEST Global partners with NXP to deliver integrated and secure platforms for Vehicle Networking

QuEST Global, a global product engineering services company, announced today its partnership with NXP® Semiconductors to deliver software support for NXP’s S32G Vehicle Network Processors. QuEST will provide valued services to help OEM’s and Tier-1’s unlock the true potential of the NXP S32G processors to deliver a highly-secure vehicle network that combines ASIL D safety, hardware security, high-performance real-time application processing and network acceleration for service-oriented gateways, domain controllers, zonal processors and safety processors. Through this collaboration with NXP, QuEST reaffirms its commitment in helping its partners build safer, greener and smarter future cars.

The evolution in automotive industry has shifted the demand towards electric, autonomous, connected and shared mobility. Vehicles are becoming more data-driven and software-defined, and safe and secure connectivity is becoming a key concern for the consumer. The S32G processor significantly helps in addressing the vehicle networking requirements by securely managing data transmission around the vehicle and protecting safety critical applications. With its trained and dedicated resources specialized on this platform, QuEST will support NXP S32G customers to help reduce development complexity, accelerate time-to-market and expand business opportunities for future data-driven and software-defined Automotive OEMs.

“The automotive industry is going through a massive transformation with deployment of new vehicle architecture to support the future of mobility”, said Krish Kupathil, Head of Innovation, QuEST Global. He further added, “The S32G processors address the need for higher performance compute and networking bandwidth with enhanced security and functional safety. We will leverage our S32G expertise to support our common automotive customers, to build the platform required to deploy new connected services and upgradable features for next-gen vehicles.”

“As the automotive industry is evolving, vehicle manufacturers will continuously need to deliver an enhanced, secure and hassle free data management for their vehicles. QuEST’s support and software solutions can help our mutual OEM and Tier-1 customers realize the full potential of the S32G processors,” said Carlos Prada, Director of Automotive Processing Partnerships at NXP.

NXP’s S32G automotive network processors enable modern service-oriented gateways for rapid Over-the-Air (OTA) deployment of new capabilities and advanced edge-to-cloud analytics. They deliver higher processing and networking performance with ASIL D functional safety to support autonomous driving applications

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