Mytutorhub Empowering Educators To Become Entrepreneurs

myTutorHub, an online tutoring platform built by US-based Ed-Tech company, myTutorHub Inc., in the year 2021 envisions to empower teachers to utilize digital technologies to become global entrepreneurs by assisting teachers in setting up a hybrid classroom offering digital tools and necessary resources to extend their market globally.

The start-up is modernizing the education sector by offering necessary resources to help educators by creating a teacher-student community as it is a mobile-first app. It allows the students to connect with the tutors, select the preferred time to study, and get access to the best online study material. With the help of technology, an educator can move from having a homegrown existence to launching an international presence.

The transition from classroom to remote learning has not been easy for teachers and students. During the pandemic, while schools were shut a massive number of educators were troubled. MyTutorHub focuses on helping teachers to evolve as future entrepreneurs. Earlier when teachers could only teach at one school now, they can each student all around the world with ease. As the platform provides them with accurate hardware and software tools.

According to Ashish Dixit, Founding Chairman,Embracing and adapting the new normal is vital. As the teaching structure has changed in the past 2 years, educators need to adapt to the change so that they are future-ready. Teachers need to have a futuristic approach as time is changing. Creating a remote learning environment is important for today as the hybrid classroom will be the new normal for tomorrow.”

Digital education or remote learning is an integrated approach towards education. It gives freedom to teachers to teach with a creative outlook and the right tools. This is the need of the hour while the virus is still their educators need to adapt while the world is changing at high speed.

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