Early Cancer-Detection Start-Up Epigeneres Biotech Raises USD 6 Mn

Epigeneres Biotech, situated in Mumbai and the only licensee of Singapore-based Tzar Labs in India, has raised USD 6 million in a Series B fundraising round.

Epigeneres Biotech unveiled an early detection cancer test (co-developed with Tzar Labs, Singapore – a specialised molecular diagnostic firm) in May 2021, with a groundbreaking breakthrough in RNA bio-markers technology that can even detect cancer in Stage Zero (i.e., before tumour formation). Following initial approvals, the latest amount of funding will be used to expand the company’s Lab facilities, scale operations, and construct an AI platform in order to provide the service in India, a world first. Continue to provide patients and doctors with the most advanced diagnostic technology.

Ashish Tripathi, Founder & Chairman, Epigeneres said, “This latest round of financing will help us continue our upward trajectory in early detection of cancer. The investment will go toward expanding the R&D team, scaling operations, and development of new products, even as we continue bringing out the finest healthcare technologies and solutions. We have received very positive feedback from the market and with the help of our investors and the Government, we will soon begin to commercialise the cancer test; first in India, and then at a global level.”


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