Clinical beauty tech startup toothsi raises $9M in debt

Stride Ventures led a $9 million (Rs 66.6 crore) debt fundraising round for Toothsi, a Mumbai-based at-home smile makeover firm.

Dr Arpi Mehta, Dr Pravin Shetty, Dr Manjul Jain, and Dr Anirudh Kale founded the company in 2018 with the goal of giving Indians a better smile with clear aligners, a practical alternative to traditional braces that can be worn at home. It use in-house clear aligner technology to create personalised aligners that meet the needs of each customer.

With a staff of experienced orthodontists and dentists, IT gurus, and business-minded people, the dental tech startup claims to have produced over 65,000 smile makeover programmes. In FY 2021, it grew by 5 times year over year.

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