Aqilliz launches the first of its kind music and entertainment NFT marketplace – WishWorld

Aqilliz, a Blockchain-as-a-Service Company building tools and technologies that prepares the marketing industry for the Web3 world, has set up a first of its kind, curated music and entertainment NFT marketplace, “WishWorld” in partnership with One Mercuri, a leading multi-domain business group headquartered in India.

“WishWorld is unique. It is consumer first, designed to delight them through authentic and exclusive experiences. It is content first, designed to enhance the asset with exclusive features and utilities that makes the content, a coveted asset to own. It is also a community. A destination for fans to belong; connect with each other and above all come together to make a difference or contribute something.” Said the company in its recent announcement.

Built as a marketplace, WishWorld provides creators and artists, a platform to exchange their creations with their fans in the form of exclusive experiences; and fans will be given an opportunity to directly exchange their collections with other community members as well.

Speaking about this partnership, Sriram Bakthisaran, Managing Director of One Mercuri said, “We received numerous proposals and evaluated several offers received the world over to build an NFT marketplace addressing the Indian music and entertainment industry and decided to partner with Aqilliz for the fact that they have built a robust platform that is very unique. Their approach towards treating the content as a coveted asset keeping the consumer at the centre is what we liked the most. We look forward to working with Aqilliz in creating this first of its kind marketplace.”

Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO of Aqilliz said, “There is too much being talked about NFTs without a strategy in place. We look at NFTs as a consumer engagement tool that brings a brand closer to the consumer. NFTs cannot be treated as a one of sale or a gimmick; it needs to be treated as an extension of the brand in the virtual world. I am extremely honored to be launching this marketplace with none other than the Maestro himself to start with and sincerely thank Sriram for giving us this opportunity.”

WishWorld will be releasing the first set of exclusive assets from Music Maestro Ilaiyaraaja on the 14th of February. Apart from several gems among the 8000+ songs the Maestro has composed in 9 languages, there are more than 100 unreleased albums from his treasured personal collection. WishWorld will be releasing this as digital collectibles with the original soundtrack, along with interesting anecdotes, features, and even musical notes from these compositions.

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