Calyptia Raises $5M to Bring Open Source Fluent Bit to the Enterprise, Deliver First-Mile Observability

Calyptia, providers of the leading platform for First-Mile Observability, today announced it has closed a seed funding round of $5 million led by Sierra Ventures and Carbide Ventures, with participation from Bill Tai’s ACTAI Ventures and other angel investors. Calpytia Enterprise, based on the wildly popular open source projects Fluent Bit and Fluentd, enables every company to scale and gather better insights from their observability pipelines.

Fluent Bit and Fluentd are among the most esteemed CNCF projects, achieving ‘graduated project’ status. The explosion of Kubernetes, container deployments, and distributed IT systems has required a rapid evolution of observability. The high performance and lightweight nature of Fluent Bit quickly led it to become the most widely used solution for event data collection and naturally poised to support the modernization of enterprise observability. These highly scalable log and metrics collectors have been deployed over a billion times and are embedded into industry standard technologies such as Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

Building on the advances of Fluent Bit and Fluentd, Calyptia brings to market the first comprehensive enterprise solution to enable any organization to manage observability data at scale and receive immediate insight into their systems’ performance. Calyptia’s flagship solution, Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit, includes extensive developer toolsets to simplify enterprise adoption and integrates seamlessly with existing observability backends to both improve systems analytics and reduce cost.

Calyptia Enterprise is already seeing traction from users among Fortune 50 enterprises across banking, financial technology, Human Resource and other cloud provider industries. Calpytia’s technical partnerships include Amazon’s OpenSearch, among others.

Observability is one the fastest growing areas of cloud computing with some reports forecasting that the market will reach $55 billion by 2025, growing at 23% CAGR. But doing observability quickly and efficiently is a really difficult problem, and we won’t realize this growth without the right solutions,” said Tim Guleri, Managing Partner at Sierra Ventures. “The amount of value Calyptia can bring to enterprises is really unprecedented. For the first time, businesses can get immediate insight into their systems to enable real-time troubleshooting and performance optimization. Given the rapid adoption of distributed, cloud-based IT, which introduces significant challenges for observability, this solution will quickly become a core enterprise requirement.”

There’s a modernization of observability collection methods underway that facilitates how developers connect with observability tools through workflows and APIs, especially as it relates to the ability to analyze data where it’s created,” said Eduardo Silva, CEO & co-founder, Calyptia.Calyptia meets this moment by bringing First Mile Observability to the enterprise, a whole ecosystem of developer tools and first class open source implementations for different observability platforms. Not only does Calpytia give businesses insight and control over the data flow, it also provides insight and control over the data that is in the flow.”

First-Mile Observability refers to Calyptia’s ability to collect and analyze data at its source and provide immediate insight into system performance. It’s different from traditional observability solutions that require data to be fully routed to back-end “last-mile” storage before centralized analysis and reporting can take place. The conventional approach no longer serves enterprise customers who are working with distributed IT, including IoT and edge applications across public and private cloud environments. Only First-Mile Observability has the speed and scale to support these dynamic systems.

“At the CNCF, we’re proud to be the home for the Fluent project and are excited to see its growth over the years,” stated Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, Cloud Native Computing Foundation.Fluent is one of the few open-source solutions, alongside technologies like Kubernetes and Prometheus, that has achieved our graduated status in CNCF, meaning it is mature, secure, and proven in production, suitable for deployment by almost any enterprise.  We’re thrilled to have Calyptia as a member as they continue the journey, evolving the project and ensuring that any organization can fully realize the substantial benefits that Fluent provides.”

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