No-code automation startup Certa raises $15M in Series A

Certa, a San Francisco-based no-code automation platform for procurement and compliance, received a $15 million Series A investment led by Point72 Ventures with participation from Twitch Founder Justin Kan, Dropbox Co-founder and CEO Drew Houston, Mantis VC, and others on Tuesday.

Certa, which was founded in 2015, wants to make it easier and safer for businesses to communicate. Certa’s software, according to the company, orchestrates whole workflows across procurement, compliance, information security, privacy, and finance platforms. Certa’s low code/no-code solution enables procurement teams to automate critical procedures without the need for IT assistance. In 120 countries and 17 languages, the firm has assisted clients in onboarding over one million enterprises. Retailers, aerospace businesses, credit card companies, IT behemoths, and others are among its clients.

Certa, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, automates and orchestrates workflows through more than 100 connections with data sources and systems, allowing for 3x faster third-party vendor onboarding while minimising risk and boosting transparency.

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