Travel App Innovator, TRZMO Announces $1.2 Million in Funding

TRZMO announced $1.2 million in funding from private investors and formation of a strategic advisory board to accelerate adoption of its free flagship app. It replaces multiple travel apps with one dashboard to manage flight updates, gate changes, ground transport, loyalty programs and a myriad of travel logistics from duty-free shopping to dining, weather and time-zones coupled with AI-driven, real-time recommendations and special offers.

First-generation travel and loyalty program apps are single purpose and don’t integrate with one another, making their use unwieldy and value unrealized. TRZMO is the first app solving these challenges, available free on Apple App store and Google Play store.

Advisory Board members include Josh Wiess, an angel investor focusing on early stage tech start-ups and Conor O’Mahoney. Josh is a member of Hub Angel Investment Group and Launchpad Ventures. He was Founder and CEO of Nauticus Networks, a private company providing advanced networking products for global data centers. In 2004, Nauticus Networks was acquired by SUN. Prior to Nauticus Networks, Weiss, was co-founder and VP of Engineering at Prominet Corporation, which was acquired by Lucent Technologies. Weiss was a finalist for Ernst and Young’s New England Entrepreneur of the Year Award and is on the boards of numerous start-ups.

Conor O’Mahoney said, “I’m thrilled to be part of TRZMO’s team. This is an ideal time for TRZMO to form high-impact commercial partnerships, rapid consumer adoption and growth. And, I see massive pent-up demand for travel as COVID-19 evolves from pandemic to endemic status in many places.”

Conor is an advisor, investor and independent board member and a top-performing entrepreneur, with a track record of leading successful product innovation, and scaling business. As Chief Product Officer at Klaviyo, Conor implemented a product-led growth approach that drove a 10x increase in revenues. As Chief Product Officer at SilverRail, he oversaw a 6x increase in revenues leading to acquisition by Expedia.

TRZMO CEO and Founder Myank Jain is a successful, experienced founder and entrepreneur having built and sold iQuest Analytics, Inc. to a Government Agency and then led numerous teams and organizations to high performance and growth prior to founding TRZMO. Jain attended the MIT Sloan School of Executive Management program and is deeply involved in the Cambridge, MA tech innovation community.

First, we built a powerful consumer travel app with robust functionality. Now we’re focused on growth, adoption and mutually-beneficial partnerships.” Said Myank Jain, CEO and Founder of TRZMO.

He has been a Core Judge of the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIE) for five years. IIC is the flagship initiative of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE). IDE has identified 160 organizations globally, awarding $5 million in prizes to accelerate their missions. In three years, those winners generated $170+ million in revenue, raised $1+ billion in capital, created 7,000+ jobs, and served 350 million people. Myank is member of Hub Angel Investment Group, OneWay Ventures and Pi Ventures, and is a Managing Partner at GreenPicks Partners.

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