SaaS Platform for Salon and Spa DINGG Raises 3.5 Crore

SaaS platform DINGG has raised Rs 3.5 crore, with BIG Sun Ventures as the lead investor.

Santosh Patidar and Aksay Poorey established DINGG, which offers SaaS solutions for managing operations. The operators of salons and beauty parlours can manage booking, billing, personnel management, marketing, and other tasks using a similar platform to Posist. Among many others, DINGG is in competition with Salonist, GlamPlus, and StayGlad.

The additional funding will allow DINGG to increase sales and marketing in order to attract more clients. Additionally, it will hasten the supply of new automation capabilities and promote growth in the beauty and wellness industry. Furthermore, DINGG will work on creating tools to deliver seamless solutions and improve client interaction.

A platform being developed by DINGG will automate activities in salons, spas, and beauty clinics. It makes it easier to handle employees and billing for reservations made via all available channels. It has created a cloud management system that aims to offer automated marketing, customer insights, and inventories. Additionally, the platform offers a dashboard for reservations and bookings, as well as simple automation of appointments, reminders, and customised feedback to enhance services and guarantee customer retention.

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