Lumikai Fund leads Supernova’s $1.1 million pre-seed funding round

Supernova, a startup that makes Live quizzes & interactive gamified formats on CBSE math topics, announced its pre-seed funding of $1.1 Million. The pre-seed round is led by Lumikai, India’s most active gaming & interactive media VC, with participation from Kae Capital, All In Capital, Goodwater Capital & strategic angel investors.

Targeted toward kids aged 4-12, the company started by Anirudh(Previously Co-Founded Myra Medicine & exited to medlife), Nawin & Maharishi in 2021 aims to redefine the current passive forms of learning by providing super fun & engaging Live Quizzes,  “Byte-Sized” lessons & worksheets on CBSE topics. Every time kids come to one of Supernova’s Live Quizzes, they learn & practice a CBSE math skill in innovative 30-minute sessions.

Commenting on the announcement, Maharishi RB, Co-Founder, Supernova, shared, “Today’s kids are born into a world of smartphones & highly engaging digital experiences, so they look for the same levels of engagement from their learning experiences. As a result, education is undergoing a generational shift towards user-centricity. We aim to be at the forefront of this change by providing high-quality & fun learning for most kids, which is also affordable & effective.

The only way to achieve this is through fundamental innovation. Our product is an ultra-fresh take on ed-tech that leverages the power of interactivity & systems of play. We are rethinking everything from pedagogies to price points to distribution channels. This funding round will help us go a long way with this much-needed disruption.”

Justin Shriram Keeling, Founding General Partner, Lumikai Fund shared, “We believe that systems of play and gaming best practices have the potential to unlock massive disruption in ed tech. Supernova is taking a first principles approach to a massive opportunity with a new platform that re-imagines kids education by leveraging the power of experiential, game-based “learning by doing”. We’re excited to be partnering with Rishi, Anirudh and Nawin at an early stage, and look forward to supporting them with our deep gaming expertise & network on their critical mission to bring in demand pedagogies to a much wider audience in delightful and fun ways”.

Expressing her thoughts on Supernova’s new learning models, Sunitha Viswanathan, Partner, Kae Capital said, ”It has become increasingly evident that the current traditional ed-tech models characterized by high customer acquisition costs, prohibitively expensive courses, and poor learning outcomes are unsustainable. From affordable pricing to product-led growth, we like how the Supernova team is going after entirely new models.”

With the amount raised, Supernova will further develop and scale the product to incorporate multiplayer formats, strengthen its leadership team and deploy strategies that will amplify product lead user acquisition over the next 18 months.

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