Assiduus Global Raises $15 Mn To Deepen Global Footprint Offering Ecommerce Solutions To D2C Brands

Assiduus Global, an AI-powered cross-border and cross-marketplace e-commerce accelerator, has raised $15 million in Series A round of funding led by Pulsar Capital, 9Unicorn, Venture Catalyst, StrongHer VC, Carlos Cashman (founder of Thrasio) and Rajan Navani (JetLine Group of Companies).

The appropriated funding shall enhance the technological architecture and business expansion across international markets like Europe and South-East Asia.

Assiduus’ spokesperson said about the event, “We are pleased to have received such a significant backing from such eminent funds, especially when Assiduus is driving the next frontier of digital commerce solutions. We look forward to becoming one of the biggest disruptors in the sector by innovating new solutions and exploring uncharted geographies.”

Assiduus offers companies intelligence, analytics, and data which keeps them in the driver’s seat at all times. Founded by Dr. Somdutta Singh in 2018, Assiduus’ patent-pending technology aids brands in deciphering analytics and lending them actionable insights into launching new brands across novel categories and geographies. The company specializes in advancing end-to-end solutions for brands to focus on their core competence of designing, producing, and brand building without investing in infrastructure or resources.

Assiduus has the opportunity of being a global leader in this space. As Indian brands are going global, Assiduus enables the Made in India, Serving the World theme,” said Vish Narain, Pulsar Capital

Assiduus is at the forefront of the global e-commerce transformation that is transpiring across industries. They’re smartly building their organization to allow them to serve customers and brands right from a maturing product seller to a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise,” added Carlos Cashman

I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of technology to scale both the sale and experience of great e-commerce products. With Assiduus, this experience not only becomes seamless but super-efficient too,” said Rajan Navani

Powered by their powerful patent-pending technology, highly efficient workforce, and state-of-the-art infrastructure Assiduus Global Inc. enables hundreds of brands to scale phenomenally across more than 12 marketplaces globally.

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