Gabbi Raises $4.4 Million to Bring Breast Cancer Early Detection Support Directly to Women

Gabbi, the risk assessment and care navigation company, today announced it has raised a round of $4.4 million to help tackle its mission of ensuring breast cancer is detected at the earliest possible stages when it is a treatable, survivable disease. Bread and Butter Ventures led the round which also saw participation from Female Founders Fund, WR Hambrecht, Phoenix Rising, Claridge Ventures Advisors VC, Coyote Ventures, Gaingels and prominent angels including, David Kidder, Sarah Jones Simmer and Naseem Sayani also invested.

Just as streaming platforms have paired user specific behaviors, hyper personalization, and a vast library of media content (data) to deliver a 100% unique user by user experience, Gabbi is, for the first time in the healthcare space, pairing individual women’s input with vast amounts of clinical data and tested medical standards to deliver more accurate risk profiles for women of all ages and races in the comfort and intimacy of their own home.” said Kaitlin Christine, founder and CEO of Gabbi. “I know firsthand the difference of a timely diagnosis–when caught early, the five-year survival rate is 99%! Everyone should have the tools that allow them to understand their risk and get access to the appropriate care.”

Christine lost her mother to breast cancer a decade ago after a delayed diagnosis. She was then diagnosed with cancer herself during a preventative mastectomy. She was only 24 years old. Since then, Christine has dedicated her career to trying to change the paradigm around delayed diagnosis.

Gabbi is a revolutionary risk assessment and care navigation solution, delivering immediate, accurate results for women of all ages and all ethnicities. For the first time, women can understand their risks and be armed with recommendations that enable proactive action. Gabbi provides a comprehensive solution that includes risk assessment results, personalized ongoing care plans, and a care concierge.

The five year survival rate for a late diagnosis is 31%. Christine and Gabbi look to change this reality by utilizing data in a new way. They’ve created the GRAM (or Gabbi Risk Assessment Model), a proprietary machine learning risk model that takes into account four different categories of data, and is built off of one of the largest and most diverse claim sets in the world.

“We are thrilled to back Kaitlin and the Gabbi team in their critical mission,” said Mary Grove, General Partner at Bread and Butter Ventures. “Their unique approach of leveraging data to predict risk and ultimately empower women to have more ownership of their health outcomes is transformative. Gabbi’s laser focus on women age 21-49 who are historically not included in these screenings changes the access game for all.” Christine shared that Grove and every single investor on Gabbi’s cap table has a deep connection to the mission of Gabbi–whether they are cancer survivors themselves, have lost a loved one to cancer, or have a loved one currently battling. Everyone supporting Gabbi deeply understands the problem they are solving.

Gabbi will launch at the beginning of 2023 via employers who will provide Gabbi as a benefit to their employees. This new funding will go towards funding team growth and product development.

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