Demand For Wafini’s $WFI Utility Token $WFI Surges As Wafini Nears Beta Launch On Cardano Main-net

Wafini, a community driven DAO powered decentralised NFT Marketplace project on Cardano is set to release it’s initial first look of the Wafini Marketplace Demo in the coming weeks which will be followed up by Wafini’s beta launch on Cardano’s Mainnet.

Wafini’s $WFI token Seed Sale saw a surge in demand as almost 30% of its allotted tokens has been scooped up by early participants, despite the bearish market sentiments the Wafini community keeps growing at an exponential creating a surge in demand for $WFI Tokens.

Early investors looking to acquire the $WFI governance token can join in the seed round using this link: https://sale.wafini.app/.

Wafini Seed Sale Details

1 ADA = 50 $WFI Tokens

1 $WFI = 0.025 ADA

Duration = 30 Days

Seed Sale Allocation: 15,000,000 $WFI Tokens

Minimum buy: 500 ADA

For further details on the Wafini Token Sale visit the documentation page.

The $WFI Token 

The Web 3.0 community-focused platform will run on the Cardano blockchain and has positioned itself as a leading brand in the NFT tokens & collectibles niche market. Like other well-meaning projects, Wafini is powered by $WFI, its governance token.

The $WFI is a Cardano Native token that also doubles as the utility and governance token of the Wafini NFT Marketplace and there will be only 100,000,000 $WFI Tokens ever minted.

Users can stake their $WFI Tokens to earn rewards and can also boost their staking rewards with the Wafini Genesis Passport NFTs which will also give each holder a seat at the Wafini DAO.

Core Features of Wafini NFT Marketplace

While Wafini is limitless in the innovations we seek to bring to the NFT space, below are a few core features of Wafini upon launch.

Mint & Trade: Wafini NFT Marketplace will offer the basic access to users from creation to selling process of their NFTs, users will be able to create singe and multiple NFT collections and be able to trade them on the Wafini platform

Staking & Governance: By Staking $WFI Tokens and Wafini Genesis NFTs, holders will be able to earn boosted reward of up to 20% APY, participate in governance and also earn a percentage of the transaction fees of the Wafini NFT Marketplace.

Multi Asset Swap & NFT Offer Bundles: With Wafini’s protocol, users will be able to offer to trade specific NFTs and choose to accept payment in ADA or WFI tokens. Users can bundle NFTs from different collections and put it up for sale for ADA or Swap for another single or Multiple NFT’s

Low Transaction Fees and Trade Commissions: Building on Cardano blockchain eliminates the idea that trading NFTs are expensive, as the Cardano Blockchain thrives for its low cost model. With the introduction of babel fees, we will eliminate the high cost of minting and trading NFTs by introducing our token $WFI that will be deployed on the Cardano Blockchain. Users can opt to pay transaction fees with $WFI tokens.

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