SALUD Sold Out its NFT Cusps in Collaboration with Token Runway

Salud Beverages, an award-winning urban lifestyle brand introduced 11 uniquely designed Ethereum based NFTs – ‘Salud Cusps’ in collaboration with Token Runway has emerged to be the first Indian alcobev to sell all their NFT Cusps collections. NFT enthusiasts and ardent followers of brand Salud participated with great enthusiasm and excitement throughout the auction since its launch, making it a big success. The highest bid was closed at 0.5 ETH – over INR 50,000. In order to educate, engage and encourage people on the various defining aspects of owning these NFTs, both the brands scheduled various sessions on social media platforms including Twitter and Clubhouse.

These sessions were hosted and attended by an incredible set of individuals representing art, tech and creative side of the business. SALUD’s own creative lead, Srinivas Naidu followed by founder Ajay Shetty and Priyank Mahajan, Co-founder, Token Runway along with world-renowned NFT artist Ishita Banerjee, who uncompromisingly conceptualized Salud and its universal appeal in the NFT space were part of the panel. These inclusive interactions combined with their personal experiences on the NFT space and Web 3.0 at large, dished out some interesting facts that brought out different culture and lifestyle together, positively impacting customer-brand engagement to the forefront.

Expressing his views on the phenomenal response received during the auction, Ajay Shetty Founder-Director said, “We are elated at Salud along with our partner in this endeavour, Token Runway at the stupendous success of #SaludNTF Cusps. The week-long auction process that started on the 6th of October has reassured us of our long term goals that people appreciate utilities that elevate customer experience, one that keeps the product and customer at the centre of it to build a tribe of people that resonates with brand’s offering in all walks of life.”

Priyank Mahajan, Co-founder at ‘Token Runway’ said, “This is indeed a milestone in the Indian Web3 space for a young brand to come out with multiple tokens, each with utilities comparable to the best projects in the world and now have some of the most respectable Indian and International collectors in the scene own those tokens is just phenomenal. We look forward to deliver the vision of India’s first Web3 roadmap with the same grandeur going forward.”

Ishita Banerjee, an integral part of the Salud NFT collection, under the banner of Soul Curry Art has been a fan favourite amongst NFT enthusiasts and has a personal collection made available with her own smart contract as well.

Ishita Bannerjee (Soul Curry Art) said, “Art is more than just a skill or an expression but rather an enchanting journey. Being a part of this special endeavour has been an absolute joy for me as an artist. Designing for a project that is the first-of-its-kind in India, elevating the experience of savouring a drink, was indeed a creative challenge. It was a unique and sensational experience working with Salud and Token Runway on the NFT drops. It’s incredible to see a project coming out of India with the best utilities that ever been offered and on par with the best available anywhere across the globe.

In June 2022, Salud became the first Indian brand in its segment to launch a complete roadmap into the world of Web 3.0 with its technical partner Token Runway. As part of the road map announced, these #SaludNFT Cusps provide access to select and exclusive activities in favor of the holders enabling them to experience the best of what brand has to offer; on ground events and in the Metaverse, making it a distinct proposition for the Cusp owners.

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