Cloudflare “Workers Launchpad” Funding Program Grows to $2 Billion

Cloudflare, Inc., the security, performance, and reliability company helping to build a better Internet, today announced the Workers Launchpad Funding Program has grown to $2 billion for potential investment in startups building on Cloudflare Workers, an increase of 14 partners and $750 million in less than two months. Cloudflare is also introducing the first cohort of startups participating in the program, featuring 25 companies from 10 countries.

“When we set out to debut the Workers Launchpad, we were aiming for $250 million and surpassed that goal by a mile when we hit $1.25 billion. To reach $2 billion is a big deal, and one that proves the industry trusts in the potential of our global network,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO, Cloudflare. “As we hit 1 million developers building and maintaining applications with Cloudflare, there’s no better time to continue investing in the developers using Cloudflare.”

The Cloudflare Workers Launchpad funding program initially launched in September 2022 to provide up to $1.25 billion of financing to startups building applications on Cloudflare Workers, a highly-scalable serverless computing platform that allows developers to build or augment apps without configuring or maintaining infrastructure. In the days and weeks following, Cloudflare received a surge in interest globally from venture capitalists interested in joining the program. Cloudflare has now welcomed 14 additional venture capital partners into the program, adding regional expertise in Australia and Latin America to the pool of partners.

Additionally, Cloudflare is announcing the Fall 2022 cohort of 25 entrepreneurs from around the world, chosen from hundreds of applicants from over 30 countries. Cohort finalists include Apyfy, working on data privacy, and Grafbase, accelerating backend software development. The cohort includes startups from Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The cohort will have the opportunity to pitch VC partners for investment, receive technical advice and support, participate in a virtual boot camp featuring sessions led by Cloudflare leaders and VC partners, and showcase their businesses during a Demo Day.

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