Digital therapeutics startup Fitterfly unveils new brand identity

Fitterfly, a digital therapeutics (DTx) health-tech firm, has revealed a new brand identity as a step towards their upcoming growth phase. The rebranding stays true to the company’s core message of helping individuals live unfettered lives without letting metabolic health get in the way.

Fitterfly’s logo has changed to represent the “Fitterfly Right,” which is something more meaningful. First line of defence; futuristic growth for body, mind, and metabolism using data and tech; a friend who is always there; and freedom to live an unlimited life are all represented visually cleverly using the word “F” The vibrant hues of pink, blue, and cyan stand for the fusion of technology and care, faith in successful health outcomes, and freedom for an unlimited life with Fitterfly’s products.

The new brand video sends out the message that with Fitterfly, there is no need for anyone to let their metabolic health hold them back. It takes an optimistic and smart approach showcasing the company’s vision of futuristic growth for the body, mind, and metabolism, using data and technology. The messaging is – ‘Go chase your dream and live life to the fullest because for your health, we are there!’

Speaking about this, Kanwaljeet Singh, Managing Partner and Co-founder, Fireside, “Trust credentials are extremely essential for the kind of business that Fitterfly is in. In this regard, the rebranding comes as an important step in the right direction. As a young brand that aims to make a difference to people’s health, it was imperative that their persona resonates with consumers. We are happy to back them at every step.”

Speaking about the new identity, Dr Reshma Mallya, VP – Marketing & Communications, Fitterfly, said, “We want Fitterfly to be a brand that is credible and positive; an endearing brand they turn to for the right guidance to live their healthiest lives. That was the purpose of our rebranding exercise. We are excited with what we have launched.”

Adding further, Vani Dandia Gupta, Founder, Cherry Peach Plum Branding Solutions, said, “Fitterfly’s new identity is more in line with their huge scale of ambition. We worked together to arrive at the right proposition after doing consumer research, and defined what the new brand identity must communicate. There are many different meanings to our new logo, it is distinctive and bold, and lends itself to many different uses across media.” 

Shalini Singh, Founder, Candy Shop Communications, said, “For Fitterfly, we wanted to create a brand persona that represents the qualities of the brand – from being a caregiver to an expert that can be trusted. We are delighted to have hit upon the idea of ‘Fitterfly Right’. A single icon that depicts so many qualities and has endless possibilities. With gradients gaining momentum, the colours are carefully selected to depict the qualities of care and trust. The rebranding will cement the company’s position as a brand with the rock-solid mission of bringing about a transformation.”

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