Scaler forays into mobile-first enhanced immersive learning with an app for software professionals

Scaler (by InterviewBit), one of the fastest-growing tech upskilling start-ups, announced its mobile application’s launch to enable software professionals to upskill themselves and prepare for a progressive career in software development. Just five months into its soft launch, The application has witnessed over 50K downloads organically and with more than 2X growth over the last two months in learners registering for free classes and courses. The app targets anyone interested in Software Engineering & Development, Data Science (DS), and Machine Learning (ML).

With India accounting for 27 Billion Mobile app downloads in 2021, consumers consistently shift towards a mobile-first approach. Tapping into the emerging trend, Scaler has built a one-stop solution for a tech professional’s learning and upskilling needs. Available on Google Play Store as ‘Learn Programming-Scaler’, the application is currently built on the android platform and is accessible free of cost for students, beginners and advanced professionals.

Through this app, the company hopes to streamline access to quality content on various technical subjects through live classes and events, along with recorded lectures on different topics curated by top industry instructors. With access to varied challenges and quizzes, learners can build knowledge and skills in a practice-based learning environment. The various content genres provide an immersive learning experience by allowing the users to learn on the go in their preferred medium. While learners can access quality content to get initiated into these subjects, working professionals will find niche content to hone their skills. The application also provides access to various regional events, enhancing the learning curve for users across India.

Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-Founder of Scaler and InterviewBit, said, “The current learning ecosystem is saturated with unstructured learning content such as video courses, text-based articles, and practice-based courses – all scattered over the internet. Through the Scaler app, we wish to make learning more structured, impactful and outcome driven. We wish to achieve this through our wide range of premium and trusted content, free of cost. We have optimised and designed the application to enhance our users’ learning and upskilling journey with uninterrupted access. Over 30% of the people who land on the events page on the app end up registering for the event. In comparison, similar event registrations on web platforms lie between 8-10%. Additionally, 55-80% of registrants via the app go on to attend the masterclasses, which is a very promising sign that the app can engage learners effectively and is a preferred medium for them. The interface is easy to use and understand, making it the right choice for learners to prepare for a career in software development and data science.”

The new app is anticipated to be monetisable in the near future once it gains more traction. Furthermore, Scaler plans to introduce downloadable and gamified content to encourage impactful learning by incentivising the experience. The iOS version of the app will also be launched within the following year.

Scaler is adding 2,500 learners monthly, and since April 2019, the edtech has onboarded and helped over 25,000 learners cumulatively. The young edtech start-up is witnessing an M-o-M growth of 15% and a Y-o-Y growth of 350%. Scaler has also achieved an annual revenue run rate (ARR) of $120 million as of October 2022.

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