K8 School Launching India’s first AI enabled School LMS in January 2023

K8 School, India’s first and only Cognia-accredited online school is launching the first completely AI enabled Learning Management System (LMS) in India, on 26th January 2023. This LMS could be a path-breaking development in the field of school education, as it will aim to understand and analyze the learning behaviour of students and offer them customized learning accordingly.

In an official release by K8 School, the Founder and CEO, Sharad Bhatia confirmed about this upcoming launch. The official statement issued by him says, “K8 School has always been motivated to provide game-changing learning solutions to all its students. For us, innovation is constant and we keep studying and analyzing the learning behaviour of all our students, in order to figure out what extra we can add to make the entire experience more engaging and inspiring for the students. Additionally, we are also in regular touch with parents to gather more feedback on how to supplement the learning of children. And all of these efforts have helped us in gathering lots of data about the learning patterns of children, which we have carefully and scientifically analyzed to derive meaningful inferences, in all disciplines of learning including Arts & STEM Education. A huge chunk of these learnings are then assimilated into a consolidated LMS, which we are launching on the occasion of Republic Day in 2023 for the upcoming academic year.

Elaborating further on how this new LMS will help students and parents, he said, “Treating every child as unique, we bring together a host of variables related to a particular child’s learning, such as total time devoted, specific times when the child studies, how engaged the child is to a lesson, topic or module, what kind of learning is most suited for the child and many such factors. The LMS then engages the child in an intuitive manner by adapting itself to the specific learning style of the child. This means that the child is not following the curriculum, but indeed the curriculum will follow the child and help the child reach learning milestones more flexibly and effectively. This would also mean that parents would now be able to track and follow the learning pattern of their children and observe any changes in that pattern in real time, eventually giving them more information on how to best support their child’s learning process. And all of this would happen on their devices. It is like launching a real-time AI mentor and guide for children and a real-time AI reporter for the parents, all packed in one system.”

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