Metaverse Platform Trezi Raises Over $2 Mn in Funding

World V and YourNest Venture Capital, along with two other significant investors—Auxano Capital and She Capital—announced a Series A fundraising of over $2 million for India’s top metaverse platform, which links architects, designers, and building construction engineers with product manufacturers. The round was co-led by World V and YourNest Venture Capital.

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry’s first platform for immersive design communication and collaboration, Trezi, was developed in India and enables users to take advantage of the metaverse and immersive technology. With the money, the business will build its metaverse platform more quickly and expand into more promising new areas.

Two of the nation’s top architects, Tithi and Gautam Tewari, developed the platform with immersive capabilities that was released to the market in early 2019. Trezi is a software as a service company that lets its customers upload architectural models for remote real-time viewing, editing, and collaboration. Trezi has added forward-thinking product manufacturers to its platform in 2021 as part of its efforts to reduce the wastes connected with product selection in building projects. Leading companies including Schneider Electric, GMR, NCRTC, St Gobain, Orient Bell, The White Teak Company, and Blue Star, among others, make use of Trezi’s in-depth experience to assist the industry in using digital twins for the process of design finalisation and product selection. Through this product, the company will generate more transaction-based income.

Tithi Tewari, Managing Director, Trezi, said, “As an architect who has spent nearly two decades in the industry, I truly appreciate the value of an intervention like Trezi in the AEC industry. Having started as purely a design communication enhancing product, Trezi’s offerings have expanded based on customer needs. This is what makes it a truly relevant product with a metaverse-based play for our industry. The kind of customers that use Trezi only strengthens this view further. We are excited about the next phase of growth.”

As per Anisha Singh, Managing Partner of She Capital, “We believe in Trezi’s vision of revolutionizing the way architects, designers, and construction engineers collaborate with product manufacturers through their innovative metaverse-based platform. This investment reflects our commitment to supporting promising and forward-thinking women-led companies in the technology space, and we are excited to see what the future holds for Trezi.”

Shailesh Churiwala, Partner, World V said, “The offering by Trezi is simple, making it valuable”. The product can immediately demonstrate how future would look like on a decision taken today with regards to your building at large and interiors of your taste. The way this is done is not just in the form of 2D or 3D images or videos but with an immersive environment where one can virtually walk and take a tour. This in itself is very powerful and can emanate many other possibilities in the immediate future. This is just the start

Sunil Goyal, Managing Director, YourNest and one of the earliest investors in Trezi said: “We are delighted to back Tithi, Gautam and their team. They have made significant progress in making Trezi a world-class product in the last couple of years. We remain excited to be a part of the high product-led growth that Trezi is about to experience.”

Brijesh Damodaran, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, of Auxano Capital, also shared his views on investment “Trezi is not just a software/platform, it’s an ecosystem – The Treziverse – with its offerings across Showcase, Academy, Lens. One can experience a home, office, township or even an airport in real-time with all the furniture and fixtures even before the first brick is laid. One can roam around in the space and customise in real-time to suit their preference through the pick-and-drop functionalities. With Trezi the traditional paper mock-ups with stage-by-stage planning can be replaced with a day 0 immersive experience of the space in the metaverse. Having looked into each of the components of Treziverse we are excited to be a part of this revolution in the AEC industry.”

Its other investors include IAN Fund, Indian Angel Network (IAN), Rockstud Capital and Stanford Angels and entrepreneurs.

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