Hyderabad Based B2B Startup Badhaan Raises Funding From India Accelerator’s iAngels

The first full-stack data-driven food technology platform for restaurants in India, Badhaan.com, just received an undisclosed sum in a seed fundraising round led by India Accelerator. HNIs and industry experts like Mr. Pramod Veturi, Sivaram Vallampati, Anand Mahadevan, and others participated in the investment round as well.

The company intends to use the capital it has collected for platform development, commercial expansion, and the introduction of private label products.

Badhaan has quickly become a big player in the food market by enabling restaurants to easily track their inventory levels, make bulk purchases, and take advantage of flexible payment arrangements. Additionally, it offers a cutting-edge smart inventory management technology that monitors and foresees restaurant inventory requirements.

Talking about the company vision, Vishnu Vikyath G, Founder of Badhaan.com said, “What Badhaan does is improve a restaurant/cloud kitchen’s bottom line, inventory position and cash-flow. Our vision has always been to empower business financially and that’s what drives real value in B2B markets.”

Raw Material procurement accounts for 35% of a restaurant’s cost structure and presents a host of challenges from SKU Management, Quality & Delivery Consistency and Cash Flow Management. There is immense potential for a data-driven platform to disrupt the market, and Badhaan is doing just that. We are excited to partner with them in their mission to organize the restaurant procurement” – Munish Bhatia, Co-Founder of India Accelerator.

Restaurant procurement is a $70 Bn market in India and is growing at 10% CAGR. Tracking and maintaining adequate inventory levels is a daunting task for restaurant owners and supply chain managers as a typical restaurant chain has over 800 SKUs. Inefficiencies in doing so lead to inventory stockouts, eroded bottom line and cash flow shortages.

Founded in Nov 2021 by Vishnu Vikyath G and Manoj Mareedu, Badhaan.com is a DPIIT-approved venture accelerated by India Accelerator. The platform offers raw material procurement and a smart inventory management platform for restaurants. The technology and data-driven inventory platform help restaurants track, predict and fulfill their procurement requirements.

Within a year of its inception, Badhaan has already partnered with some of the best-known kitchen chains and restaurant chains in Hyderabad. The FoodTech platform has helped its clients reduce stockouts and wastages by 15%, along with a 10% – 15% improvement in procurement costs.

Badhaan has delivered 1000+ orders to more than 100 trusted customers. Currently, it serves two cities – Hyderabad & Chennai and plans to expand its presence in 2 more cities by the end of FY23.

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