NFT Oasis Teams Up with Vatom to Enable the Next Generation of the Metaverse

NFT Oasis announced that they have selected Vatom as their strategic partner in building the future of their Metaverse-as-a-Service (“MAAS”) ecosystem. This move marks a major milestone in the Web3 industry, combining the strengths of NFT Oasis, a leading publisher of immersive Metaverse experiences, and Vatom, which operates the world’s first enterprise-ready Web3 SaaS platform.

Vatom was chosen as the ideal technology enabler for NFT Oasis due to its wide range of features and benefits. The Vatom platform offers a suite of features that work across all blockchains, is built to be web-based (nothing to download), requires no coding (drag-and-drop), can support millions of concurrent customers around the world, and is completely customizable.

“We are thrilled to partner with NFT Oasis,” said Vatom CEO Eric Pulier. “The NFT Oasis team has been a pioneer and leader of the most emotionally engaging experiences in the Metaverse to date. We believe that the Vatom platform is a perfect fit for their vision of a Web3-enabled ecosystem that helps creators, brands, and communities to thrive.”

Since the launch of NFT Oasis in April 2021, many world-renowned artists and creators have debuted experiences in the Metaverse.

While the majority of these past experiences were deployed in virtual reality, NFT Oasis is now expanding its focus to provide frictionless access to the Metaverse with a web-based Metaverse solution that requires no plug-ins or downloads to access. NFT Oasis selected Vatom’s integrated virtual spaces solution to enable simultaneous access for hundreds of thousands of users, on mobile phone or web browser.

Further, NFT Oasis is planning to launch several other components of its ecosystem, including the Provenonce Academy and Provenonce Circle. Through this strategic partnership with Vatom, NFT Oasis now has a branded Web3 wallet and has integrated NFTs throughout its MAAS ecosystem for token-gated community experiences.

“At NFT Oasis, we see an opportunity to guide the adoption and use of the emerging technologies in the Narrator Economy,” said NFT Oasis CEO Will O’Brien. “Our innovations from R&D are introduced to the market through our own productions and collections, and then subsequently rolled out as picks and shovels for the ecosystem of brands, creators, designers, and freelancers embarking on their Web3 journey. We sell access to this ecosystem in the form of NFTs, and we call this overall infrastructure Metaverse-as-a-Service (‘MAAS’).”

This collaboration between two powerful players within the Web3 space marks an important step forward towards an era where companies will be able to use Web3 technologies for entirely new customer engagement channels. Companies such as Deloitte, E&Y, PepsiCo, State Farm, Paramount, Intel, iHeartMedia, Diageo, Volvo, WPP, and others have adopted the Vatom platform to better serve their customers.

“The technology industry is cyclical,” added O’Brien. “Leaders emerge, then new ideas radically disrupt the incumbents. The recent exponential growth in mainstream adoption of AI is telling us very clearly that change is the only constant in the Creator Economy. This sea change is as powerful as the introduction of the home computer, the Internet, and the blockchain, because there is no turning back. We are collectively invited to embrace the future.”

“With Vatom and NFT Oasis working together,” O’Brien concluded, “the future is very bright.”

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