AI Search Startup SUBTL.AI Raises Angel Funding

Subtl.ai secures angel funding from two modern Indian investors: Vamshi Raju and Mohit Gulati (ITI Growth Opportunities Fund) (Edha Investments, Shreyas Media). They have developed a system that can rapidly respond to any queries from papers, webpages, videos, and knowledge bases by understanding knowledge sources at scale.

Built in collaboration with IIIT Hyderabad research, Subtl.ai is a product that uses cognitive search technology. By conversing with an AI through a chat interface, the product makes sure that businesses can immediately access all of the business knowledge that is stored across numerous sources.

Subtl.ai has been way ahead of its time, building out the base technology and staying prepared for its window of opportunity. With the advent of chatGPT, their window is here, time to go big or go home!”, said the lead investor in the round, Mohit Gulati (Founder – of ITI Growth Opportunities fund).

We started subtl.ai with the vision to enable enterprises to unlock information locked in large text resources and documents. Using ML based language and knowledge models, combined with generative AI. Interestingly, our AI tech can also help find information in videos”, says Vishnu Ramesh, Founder subtl.ai.

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