‘Fightright’ launches fund for HNIs with Rs 100 crore

Kolkata-based legal tech firm Fightright announced the opening of a fund with Rs 100 crore in claims under management. Fightright uses AI and ML-backed analytics to fund commercial litigations.

The fund, a special purpose company, will invest over a two to three year period in 15-20 commercial cases with an average ticket value of Rs 5-7 crore.

The company said that the new fund would make it possible for investors, particularly high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), to fund certain legal cases where the annualised ROI is anticipated to be above 30%.

Fightright was formed in 2020 by Nitin Jain and Vishal Mangal. With the use of its unique AI and ML technologies, Fightright is able to analyse and assess litigation risks and prospects with unmatched accuracy.

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