The Rise of La Pinoz Pizza: A Homegrown Success Story

In the vibrant city of Chandigarh, a local pizza brand called La Pinoz Pizza emerged. Despite its name and appearance suggesting otherwise, this brand had its origins right in the heart of the city.

It all began in January 2011, when La Pinoz Pizza opened its doors in Sector-9, Chandigarh. This small establishment, known as the “pizza booth,” introduced something special to the Tricity area—giant slices and pizzas that were larger than life. These unique offerings quickly became a hit among pizza enthusiasts searching for something more substantial and delightful.

Behind this innovative concept was Copenhagen Hospitality, the proud owner of the La Pinoz brand. Interestingly, Copenhagen Hospitality was owned by the Kapoor family, including Sanam Kapoor and her relatives, who had no prior experience in the restaurant industry. Nevertheless, they were determined to make their mark and ventured into the pizza business.

The name “La Pinoz” holds a significant meaning. Derived from Italian, it symbolizes the concept of “giant pizza slice,” perfectly representing their oversized pizza creations.

What truly sets La Pinoz Pizza apart is its impressive journey as a bootstrapped enterprise. With their unwavering vision and passion, the Kapoor family managed to expand the brand to an impressive 600 stores, all achieved without any external funding. To put this into perspective, the renowned Dominos pizza chain took 16 years to reach their 500th store, while La Pinoz achieved the same milestone much faster.

While the Kapoor family personally oversees 15+ stores in Chandigarh and the surrounding areas, the remaining outlets are run by dedicated franchisees who share the same commitment to the brand’s success.

The rapid growth and popularity of La Pinoz Pizza have garnered attention. According to Philip Capital, the brand’s stores were on the verge of reaching all time high revenue during the fiscal year 2022-23—an impressive achievement for a homegrown brand. While it may not have reached the heights of industry giant Jubilant, which reported revenue of Rs 4000 crore during the same period, La Pinoz Pizza continues to forge its own path and cultivate a loyal following.

This success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of determination, innovation, and a sprinkle of passion. It demonstrates that even a modest pizza booth can evolve into a beloved and prosperous brand. La Pinoz Pizza has become a local favorite, capturing the taste buds and hearts of pizza enthusiasts across the nation. Remaining true to its roots, it delivers a truly delightful experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

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