Construction Tech Startup ProjectHero Launches AI-Powered Platform to Revolutionize Training

ProjectHero, a membership-driven professional network for the construction industry, has taken a significant step towards accelerating the digital transformation of the construction sector with the launch of an innovative AI chatbot called Ustaad AI. This pioneering addition aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of construction workers and small to mid-sized contractors, enabling them to work more efficiently.

By integrating Ustaad AI within the ProjectHero app, construction workers gain access to comprehensive training materials covering essential aspects of construction work. From safety regulations to intricate field details, the app now serves as a reliable and instant source of knowledge.

Satya Vyas, CEO of ProjectHero, expressed enthusiasm about the introduction of Ustaad AI, stating, “With the introduction of Ustaad AI, we are poised to be part of the exponential digital transformation that AI can bring within the construction industry. Our mission is to empower each and every construction worker who is part of ProjectHero, and we’ll be able to move closer to this goal through Ustaad AI.”

Traditionally, construction workers relied on peer-to-peer communication to seek guidance and resolve work-related queries. However, Ustaad AI revolutionizes this approach by providing real-time assistance and solutions through AI-powered interactions. This leads to a more personalized learning experience, enhancing productivity on construction sites. Ustaad AI’s skill development initiative, based on National Building Codes (NBC), has the potential to transform construction training.

Ustaad AI functions as a virtual concierge for all app users, simplifying the understanding of construction details and techniques. To ensure user-friendliness, accuracy, and convenience, the chatbot will also be available in Indian languages for workers who are not proficient in English.

With AI integration, ProjectHero facilitates a more efficient and seamless learning experience for its active user base of 40,000 to 50,000 individuals. The app’s expansion to a broader audience is planned for the upcoming months.

Sidhant Panda, Co-founder and CTO of ProjectHero, emphasized the commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enable workers to reach their full potential. “With the launch of Ustaad AI, we are bringing cutting-edge technology to the construction industry, providing real solutions to the most pressing issues impacting workers today,” said Panda.

The ProjectHero app, equipped with unique features like Ustaad AI, empowers construction workers to excel in their roles, add value to projects, and contribute to the progress of the construction industry.

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