Capgemini Unveils Exciting Array of New Generative AI Offerings

As a prominent player in the Data & AI market, Capgemini is at the forefront of supporting clients in their digital transformation journey. Leveraging its deep industry expertise, industrialized delivery assets, and extensive generative AI services, Capgemini is poised to lead clients into the next era of digital innovation.

Having already delivered successful generative AI projects in sectors like Life Sciences, Consumer Products & Retail, and Financial Services, Capgemini has witnessed a surge in client demand and focus on generative AI in recent times. In response to this increasing interest, the company is launching a generative AI portfolio of services encompassing strategy definition, practical development, and scalable implementation.

The offerings under the generative AI portfolio include:

  1. “Generative AI Strategy”: A service that enables CXOs to identify and prioritize the most relevant generative AI use cases for their businesses, showcasing tangible value, and laying the foundations for scaling generative AI investments while managing risks.
  2. “Generative AI for Customer Experience”: Empowering hyper-personalized customer experiences through four dedicated generative AI assistants. These assistants facilitate personalized chatbots, synthetic design assistance, content and knowledge assistance, and product & offers knowledge assistance, elevating customer self-service and care services.
  3. “Generative AI for Software Engineering”: Enhancing efficiency and quality across the software life cycle, from design and coding to testing and deployment, while reducing technical debt. The service identifies bugs or vulnerabilities, increases security, and accelerates time to market for new software.
  4. “Custom Generative AI for Enterprise”: Offering enterprises with sensitive data the opportunity to leverage custom generative AI assistants fine-tuned with their proprietary data. This enables maximum business value impact and unique and reliable outputs in various domains, from customer experience to R&D and support functions.

Franck Greverie, Chief Portfolio Officer, Global Business Lines leader, and Group Executive Board Member at Capgemini, highlights the significance of generative AI in digital transformation and the company’s commitment to supporting clients throughout their generative AI journey.

Capgemini is collaborating with Heathrow Airport to enhance passenger experiences by implementing cutting-edge eCommerce and other passenger service solutions using its Generative AI for Customer Experience offer.

To rapidly scale generative AI capabilities, Capgemini has established a dedicated generative AI practice and a Generative AI Lab to research relevant use cases and collaborations with businesses and academia. The company has also entered partnerships with Google Cloud and Microsoft in the generative AI value chain. To ensure expertise within its workforce, Capgemini aims to train a large part of its employees in generative AI, incorporating AI training into development and training curricula.

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