iGowise Mobility’s Holistic M-PaaS Platform Empowers Emerging EV Startups to Accelerate Growth

iGowise Mobility (iGo), a prominent deep-tech smart-mobility startup headquartered in Bengaluru, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing the electric vehicle (EV) industry by offering a comprehensive and holistic solution for OEM enablement. With a steadfast commitment to smart mobility research and development over the past decade, iGo has consolidated its innovative technologies into a simple, compact, and modular Mobility Platform as a Service (M-PaaS) to empower emerging OEMs in the micro-mobility sector.

The iGo M-PaaS incorporates a range of proprietary and cutting-edge technologies, including the Narrow Tilting Twin-wheel, Active-Balancing-Assist, Self-Syncing Dual-Drive powertrain, and an advanced 100,000 KM LMFP battery chemistry. This state-of-the-art platform empowers EV startups to accelerate their product development cycles by up to three times, fostering a “build your own brand” (BYOB) approach and facilitating high-quality next-gen 2W manufacturing.

Suresh Salla, CTO & Chief Engineer of iGowise, emphasized the significance of core-automobile R&D alongside electric powertrain advancements, stating, “Our goal is to see India at the forefront of high-quality 2W manufacturing. This requires a comprehensive R&D approach that extends beyond electric powertrain components.”

Another pivotal aspect of iGo’s offering is a comprehensive blueprint for establishing off-the-shelf micro-factories, which democratizes electric vehicle manufacturing and significantly reduces entry barriers for EV startups. By streamlining complex production processes and cutting manufacturing setup costs by up to 90%, iGo’s approach redefines the path for OEMs to swiftly bring new products to the market, meet burgeoning consumer demand, and effectively compete in the global EV market.

To address affordability for end consumers without compromising on quality, iGo has introduced the EaziGo pricing model. Users can now subscribe and ride smart connected vehicles built on the iGo M-PaaS platform starting at just INR 4800 per month, eliminating upfront costs and making high-quality products easily accessible, even in rural areas.

iGo is further enhancing the user experience with the launch of AI-enabled smartphone applications, starting with the driveiGo App. This app provides users with vehicle data, alerts, roadside assistance, and customer care support. The careiGo RSA, at-home service, and extended warranty package ensure maximum uptime and worry-free ridership, ensuring that the real customer experience extends well beyond the point of sale.

An intriguing feature of iGo’s EV powertrain platform is its elimination of the need for dedicated charging infrastructure. The state-of-the-art 3.5 kWh multi-level fire-resistant battery-pack can be recharged within just three hours at any standard 15 Amps home-socket, ensuring the long life of the battery without the need for DC fast chargers.

iGowise Mobility’s comprehensive solutions, spanning core automobile technologies, ultra-affordable pricing strategies, and smart connected features, are aligned with the mission to accelerate the world’s transition to safe, smart, and sustainable mobility options. With this pioneering initiative, iGo is poised to spearhead the transformation of the electric vehicle industry and contribute to a cleaner and greener future for India and beyond.

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