Mahesh Narayanan Named as Chief Marketing Growth Officer at Netcore Cloud

Netcore Cloud has officially named Mahesh Narayanan as its new Chief Marketing Growth Officer, a strategic move aimed at accelerating the company’s global expansion plans and solidifying its leadership position in the market. With his extensive marketing expertise, Mahesh will play a pivotal role in driving effective growth strategies that will further propel Netcore Cloud’s success.

Mahesh Narayanan is a seasoned business leader with over two decades of experience in the digital industry, making him the perfect fit for this critical role. His appointment comes at a time when Netcore Cloud is rapidly expanding globally, armed with cutting-edge innovative technologies.

Kalpit Jain, Global CEO of Netcore Cloud, expressed his enthusiasm for Mahesh’s appointment, stating, “Mahesh is a world-class business leader whose deep understanding of marketing technology and inspirational leadership will build on the foundations to rejuvenate our marketing team as a high-performance growth engine and take Netcore to the next level. He represents our core values of craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and can-do attitude, and I am delighted to work with him.”

Mahesh Narayanan, excited about his new role, said, “I’m thrilled to come on board Netcore Cloud as the company enters the next phase of expansion powered by our cutting-edge generative AI-powered products and solutions, which are transforming the world of marketing technology. I’m honored to contribute my experience in leading our global marketing efforts to continue driving brand recognition and amplify demand generation as we continue to grow around the world.”

Rajesh Jain, Founder & MD of Netcore Cloud, warmly welcomed Mahesh Narayanan into the Netcore Cloud family, highlighting the significant value his seasoned understanding of the digital world will bring to the team. Rajesh expressed confidence that Mahesh’s background, honed at the forefront of global technology giants, will serve as a distinct competitive edge for the company.

Netcore Cloud’s generative AI-powered platform has indeed been a game-changer for B2C brands, enabling them to create delightful customer experiences and boost profitability. With Mahesh’s profound strategic vision and exceptional operational leadership, Netcore Cloud is now poised to reach unparalleled heights in the global SaaS landscape. Under his stewardship, the company is perfectly positioned to emerge as the next global SaaS leader, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the SaaS sphere while achieving remarkable profitability.

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