Sony ZV-E1 Full-Frame Vlogging Camera: The Ultimate Content Creation Tool for Vloggers and Creators

Sony announced today the new ZV-E1, an interchangeable-lens vlog camera with a high-performance 35mm full-frame image sensor for the ultimate content creation experience. Positioned at the top of Sony’s Vlog camera line-up, it boasts Sony’s E-mount 1 , advanced technology, cinematic imagery with rich gradation performance, low noise, and high sensitivity. The world’s most compact, lightweight body 2 offers outstanding mobility, whilst refined operation gives vloggers maximum creative freedom and versatility.

“We are thrilled to introduce the ZV-E1, a camera designed specifically for vloggers and content creators. Its exceptional image quality, compact size, and innovative features will empower creators to produce captivating and immersive content. We believe the ZV-E1 will revolutionize the way stories are told, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this evolution.” said Mukesh Srivastava, Head of Digital Imaging Business at Sony India.

1. With Sony’s special launch offer, enjoy benefits worth  19,170/- on purchase of ZV-E1 camera

Sony India has announced a special launch offer under which customers will get benefits worth  19,170/- which includes shooting grip with wireless remote commander (GP-VPT2BT) worth 10,590/-, battery charger (BC-QZ1) worth  6,790/- and soft carrying case (MII-SC5) worth  1,790/- at no additional cost on purchase of ZV-E1 camera. This is a limited period offer and is valid until stocks last.

2. World’s smallest, lightest full-frame interchangeable lens vlog camera with high-quality image processing unit and a full-frame back-illuminated sensor for perfect image quality and stunning bokeh effect

The ZV-E1 is a dedicated vlog camera that features a 35mm full-frame back-illuminated CMOS Exmor R™ sensor, with approximately 12.1 effective megapixels, that delivers high sensitivity, low noise and gorgeous bokeh. With up to 8 times 3 more processing power than previous types, the BIONZ XR™ image processing engine markedly boosts high-sensitivity performance, gradation rendering, colour reproduction, low-noise performance, and more. The high volume of data generated by the image sensor can be processed in real time, even when shooting 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) footage at 120p 4 . The BIONZ XR processor also contributes significantly to improved AF speed and precision.

3. Revolutionary video recording unleashing full-frame clarity, unmatched quality and colour depth

High-quality 4K (QFHD) video can be recorded with full-frame readout at 10-bit 4:2:2, without the need for pixel binning. This makes the expressive advantages of the full-frame format available for video recording whilst delivering high-resolution 4K footage without moiré or jaggies.

4. Expanded range of ISO and latitude to capture natural-looking images in a variety of lightning situations without disrupting the quality

Users can shoot 4K 60p and can upgrade up to 4K 120p through the Creators’ Cloud with extraordinarily smooth 5x (max.) slow-motion imagery 5 . When directly replaying video in slow or quick motion in the S&Q mode 6 while using the XAVC S-I format at 60p, a maximum bit rate of 600 Mbps (4:2:2 10-bit, H.264, All-I) 7 delivers outstanding image quality. When upgraded, and using the XAVC S format, up to 10x slow motion with Full HD resolution can be used at 240 fps 8 providing fresh perspectives on dynamic sports and other types of action. A 15+ stop latitude 9 makes it possible to capture natural looking images in a wide variety of lighting situations without losing highlight or shadow detail. The vlog camera also has Flexible ISO, which is set to AUTO or manually set between 640 and 102400.The standard ISO range extends from 80 to 102400 for both stills and movies. The expanded range for stills is 40 to 409600, and the expanded range for movies is 80 to 409600. It also has picture profile with assignable LUTs so users can create specific looks when shooting in modes other than one of the present Log modes.

5. Cinematic vlog setting to enhance the mood and look of the vlog, ensuring a healthy and natural look

The ZV-E1 can create standout content with Cinematic Vlog Setting 10 – an intuitive way to create scenes that look like feature movies. By choosing an appropriate Look and Mood 11 , anyone can create cinematic vlog footage that ideally matches the scene and creative intent. Cinematic Vlog Setting include ‘Looks’ 12 that delivers natural mid-tones, plus soft colours and smooth highlights that are essential to cinematic look and enhance skin tones, ‘Moods’ 13 that emphasise specific colours, and AF transition speed 14 that determines how quickly autofocus will switch between subjects. The overall cinematic feel is further enhanced by a 24 fps 15 frame rate and the widescreen Cinemascope aspect ratio (2.35:1) 16 with black bands above and below the image. For a truly cinematic look, the ZV-E1 features S-Cinetone. Based on Sony’s Cinema Line technology, S-Cinetone delivers natural mid-tones that are essential to healthy- looking skin colour to deliver cinematic quality. A selection of new Creative Looks makes it easy to create interesting looks for stills and video right in the camera. 10 Creative Looks are provided as presets that can be used as they are or customised. What’s more, newly added My Image Style 17 makes it possible to shoot in the Intelligent Auto or Scene Selection mode, icons on the touch-sensitive monitor make it easy to directly adjust background bokeh, brightness, and colour tone, as well as select a Creative Look.

6. Innovative AI processing unit and outstanding tracking and recognition features

Real-time Recognition AF incorporates an innovative AI processing unit that uses subject form data to accurately recognise movement – human pose estimation technology uses learned human forms and postures to recognise not just eyes, but body and head position with high precision, making it possible to lock onto and track a subject facing away from the camera. The AI processing unit can even differentiate between multiple subjects having different postures and recognition of individual faces has also been improved so that tracking reliability is achieved in challenging situations such as when a subject’s face is tilted, in shadow, or backlit. In addition to Human and Animal 18 , the AI processing unit now makes it possible to recognise Bird 19 , Insect, Car/Train and Airplane 20 subjects, providing even greater flexibility and reliability when shooting both stills and video.

The ZV-E1 features AI-based Real-time Tracking 4 that can be activated by specifying the subject and half- pressing the shutter button. The camera will then automatically track the subject, leaving the user free to concentrate on framing and composition. The new camera has a fast Hybrid AF for fast acquisition and tenacious tracking as well detailed AF settings for the ultimate precision and control. A compact, precision stabilisation unit and gyro sensors with optimised algorithms achieve up to 5.0-step 21 stabilisation that helps to deliver the full image quality potential of the ZV-E1. Camera shake is detected and effectively corrected in 5 axes 22 and the in-body image stabilisation of the vlog camera can provide effective stabilisation with a wide range of lenses, including E-mount lenses that do not include stabilisation of their own.

Dynamic active Mode stabilisation 23 is approximately 30% more effective than the Active Mode 24 provided in previous models. This makes it easier than ever to shoot smooth, stable vlog footage whilst moving around for bold, dynamic expression.

Another amazing feature of the ZV-E1 is the AI-based Auto Framing for video 25 ideal for recording interviews, music performances, cooking, and much more. Using AI-based subject recognition technology, the Auto Framing feature automatically crops the frame to keep the subject in a prominent position when shooting video. Even without moving the camera the framing is continually adjusted to follow the subject smoothly, which will be also helpful for one man shooting operation. The subject to be tracked can be easily selected via the camera’s touch-sensitive monitor or the Creator’s App on a smartphone.

7. Stable vlogging experience with multiple attributes including breathing compensation and framing stabiliser which help in smooth vlogging experience while carrying out movements

Breathing Compensation suppresses image shifts whilst focusing to maintain a consistent angle of view and achieve smooth, dramatic focusing effects. The camera also features Multiple Face Recognition which automatically adjusts bokeh and focus on multiple recognised faces when shooting group selfies or group portraits – preventing problems like only the faces in the front being in focus whilst those further back are out of focus.

The ZV-E1 also boasts a Framing Stabiliser that automatically keeps the subject’s position in the frame constant. Advanced AI-based subject recognition technology works with the camera’s Dynamic active Mode image stabilisation to keep the subject smoothly and stably in the frame as you like freely during handheld shooting – This makes it possible to create smooth video expressions, such as when taking follow-up shots or shooting around the subject.

With the ZV-E1 skin tones are independently optimised for stills and video, so skin is natural and beautifully rendered whether shooting selfies or vlogging. The camera also features a Bokeh Switch for one-touch background bokeh enhancement and a soft skin effect when shooting video.

8. Perfect for shooting Product Review vlogs because of its smooth switching focus feature

Of course, the ZV-E1 also includes the Product Showcase Setting for product review videos so users can smoothly switch focus from the presenter’s face to a product held in front of the lens and back again.

9. Creative features including zoom control and Control Time which amplifies the efficiency of the camera

Users can expect creative zoom control with the ZV-E1. The zoom lever located on the top of the grip not only controls compatible powered zoom lenses, but also allows Clear Image Zoom to be used with unpowered zoom and prime lenses with less image degradation. This can significantly reduce the number of lenses required for many projects. Real-time Recognition AF, Real-time Tracking, and focus area settings remain active while zooming digitally or with Clear Image Zoom, ensuring that the full precision and speed of the camera’s phase-detection AF system is achieved, even during digital zoom operations.

In-camera Time-lapse creation is a great feature for users who want to record Time-lapse sequences like the movements of clouds, people, cities and other slowly changing subjects in uniquely expressive ways. The exposure interval can be set from 1 second to 60 seconds, making it easy to compress slow action into enjoyable time-lapse sequences.

10. Advance audio features with high performance microphone and multi-interface shoe with different video recording modes

The ZV-E1 features a high-performance 3 capsule microphone with variable directivity that can pick up clear audio in outdoor situations where wind and environmental noise can be a problem and is supplied with a windscreen that can significantly reduce wind noise when shooting in windy outdoor conditions. Auto 33 , Front 34 , All Directions 35 , and Rear 36 directivity settings are available to match a variety of environments, and automatically switches to a direction in line with face recognition, so users can easily make optimal recordings.

The camera also includes a Multi Interface (MI) shoe with digital audio interface and mic and headphone jacks offer expanded audio capabilities. The ZV-E1 supports advanced video recording modes – fast readout and high-volume data processing capabilities of the full-frame image sensor enable full-frame 4K readout without pixel binning, plus a range of recording formats that deliver notably improved image quality and more flexible, efficient editing in post-production.

The ZV-E1 can record 10-bit 4:2:2 video internally when using Long GOP or All Intra compression, supports internal intra-frame (All-I) 37 recording and XAVC HS 38 format recording using the MPEG-H HEVC/H.265 codec provides approximately doubled efficiency.

11. Efficient features which are helpful in the editing process guaranteeing quality and a more flexible post- production

The ZV-E1 records image stabilisation and camera rotation metadata that can be useful when editing in the free Catalyst Browse desktop application, paid Catalyst Prepare desktop application or plugin as users can quickly and precisely stabilise footage during editing. Lens breathing compensation can be applied during editing.

12. Easy to use features including vari-angle touch LCD screen for easy monitoring and great mobility

The ZV-E1 has been designed for ease of use, with a side-opening vari-angle LCD Screen for easy monitoring and touch function whilst recording and control layout and grip optimised for vlogging. The new vlog camera features uninterrupted power for extended recording with Sony’s high-capacity Z battery and USB PD (Power Delivery) that supports fast charging. For even better power performance the image processing engine, image sensor, and related circuitry have been designed to optimise power economy in all shooting conditions.

The ZV-E1 is the world’s most compact, lightweight vlog camera with a full-frame CMOS sensor and lens interchangeability. Its extraordinary mobility gives vloggers new capabilities for creative expression. It features a dust and moisture resistant design. ZV-E1 can even be operated with one hand if using a Shooting Grip with Wireless Remote Commander (GP-VPT2BT).

13. Super stable smartphone connectivity and the all-new Creator’s Cloud feature ensuring a smooth connecting and content sharing experience

Creators can connect and share content easily with Sony’s newly announced Creators’ Cloud a suite of applications designed to extend the camera and shooting into the cloud, through instant video and stills upload, enable quick editing and collaborative work with peers, from multiple devices. The Creators’ App can be used to control the ZV-E1 from the smartphone, and transfer stills and videos shot on the camera to the smartphone. Camera battery and media status can be monitored from the smartphone, and date and camera names can be edited as needed. The Creators’ App also provides a convenient way to update camera software.

14. Top- Quality live content with high-quality live streaming features

Stream top-quality live content as when connected to a personal computer or smartphone via USB the ZV-E1 can function as a 4K (2160p) webcam and take online meetings, live events, and even simple conversations with family and friends to new creative heights.

15. Designed with sustainability in mind ensuring Sony’s commitment to a stable future

In addition to Sony’s commitment to a sustainable future with global initiatives like Road to Zero and the 2030 renewable energy goal, the ZV-E1 has been specifically developed with sustainability in mind. The camera has a windscreen using fibres made from recycled PET bottles to reduce Sony’s environmental impact, without compromising functionality.

Lastly, the outer packaging of the ZV-E1 is environmentally conscious and recyclable with no plastic and employs Sony’s ‘Original Blend Material’ – bamboo, sugar cane and recycled paper. Also, plant-based non-woven fabrics are used for the product bags 47 to minimise Sony’s environmental footprint. Also, ZV- E1 includes new accessibility features that facilitate operation in a number of ways, including screen reader functionality for the visually impaired. Accessibility features allow anyone to enjoy shooting and playback using the ZV-E1.

Pricing and Availability
The ZV-E1 vlog camera will be available across all Sony Center, Alpha Flagship stores, Sony authorized dealers, ecommerce websites (Amazon and Flipkart) and major electronic stores across India from 3 rd August 2023 onwards.

Model                                                                    Best Buy (in )                               Availability
ZV-E1L (Body + 28–60 mm zoom lens)                243,990/-                     3 rd August 2023 onwards
ZV-E1 (body only)                                                       214,990/-                     3 rd August 2023 onwards

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