Space-Saving Furniture Brand Wallter Systems Secures Seed Funding Led by Inflection Point Ventures

In response to the increasing challenges posed by urbanization and population growth, innovative space-saving furniture brand ‘Wallter Systems’ has successfully secured an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round, with the prominent backing of Inflection Point Ventures. The fresh infusion of funds is earmarked for bolstering Wallter Systems’ brand presence and expanding its operations.

Wallter Systems stands at the forefront of the space-saving furniture revolution, catering to the ever-growing demand for creative solutions in the face of shrinking living spaces. This pioneering brand offers a diverse array of furniture that seamlessly merges functionality with elegance, addressing the need for multifunctional pieces that add style and efficiency to compact living environments.

Leading the charge at Wallter Systems is Bhanushree Natekar, an astute founder and CEO armed with a robust engineering background. Her profound understanding of the challenges posed by limited living spaces and prior experience at Shapoorji have fueled her passion for crafting furniture that marries practicality with aesthetics. As a result, Wallter Systems has emerged as a go-to destination for individuals seeking versatile, durable, and visually appealing furniture solutions.

Ivy Chin, Partner, Inflection Point Ventures, says, “Owning a beautiful space with optimum functionality and space utilization is every person’s dream living in urban areas where homes are small in size. Having a well-designed home with multi-functional furniture eliminates the clutter and makes the house looks spacious and visually appealing. This is exactly what Wallter Systems offers, its innovative furniture solutions will enable homemakers to achieve their beautiful homes”.

Wallter Systems is based out of bangalore but caters to customers across India.

Bhanushree Natekar, Founder and CEO of Wallter Systems, “We are driven by a deep passion to empower people, enabling them to create more space in their homes and experience genuine freedom. With unwavering dedication to excellence, we endeavor to establish a world-class product brand that redefines space-saving furniture and fundamentally transforms the way people live their lives. IPV has not just helped us raised funds but has been a guiding force that has impacted not just the company, but customers and employees positively.”

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