ScholARlab Virtual Lab Makes Science More Relevant to Students with Real-World Applications

ScholARlab, a pioneering leader in the field of STEM VirtualLabs for K12 education, is making remarkable strides in revolutionizing the way science is taught in schools. With their cutting-edge fully interactive, simulator-based 3D virtual labs, the company is ambitiously bridging the gap in science education by providing a rich and immersive hands-on learning experience through their product ScholAR. The virtual labs are specifically designed for students and teachers of K12, targeting Grades 6 to 12, and have already shown promising results in enhancing learning outcomes in science.

ScholARlab is committed to transforming the landscape of STEM education and empowering the next generation of learners” said Balaji Venkataraman, CEO of ScholARlab. “We believe that the future of education lies in combining technology with experiential learning. With ScholAR, we aim to ignite a passion for science by making learning engaging and fun.”

Recent studies, including the National Assessment Survey conducted by the Ministry of Education, reveal that the overall Science learning outcomes for K12 students are “poor” with results declining as the grades increase. Shockingly, only about 45% of Government schools are equipped with science labs. ScholARlab aims to address this critical issue by harnessing the power of gaming technologies to make Science education more engaging and effective.
ScholARlab firmly believes that “Experiment based learning” is the key to unlocking students’ minds and enabling teachers to impart real education rapidly and efficiently. By leveraging 3D visualizations, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), the company has created an interactive simulator platform that fosters the highest levels of knowledge retention and comprehension.

“Through ScholAR, we are providing students with an opportunity to explore and comprehend complex scientific concepts in a way that was never possible before. Our virtual labs transcend the limitations of traditional classroom setups and allow students to experience the excitement of scientific exploration in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) way” Balaji added. ScholAR, the flagship product of ScholARlab, boasts an extensive library of 3D interactive simulations covering over 500 topics, ensuring that the learning of Science becomes highly impactful and enjoyable. The quality and richness of content, along with the scalability and adoption rate of Scholar, placeScholARlab among the top 5 STEM virtual lab creators globally.

In the past year, ScholARlab has successfully deployed its Virtual Lab in more than 150 schools across India, catering to over 100,000 users. Looking ahead to the academic year 2023-24, the company has forged strategic partnerships at both national and international levels. These alliances will enable ScholARlabto to bring the power of ScholAR to over 500,000 students and teachers in more than 10 countries across India, Southeast Asia, and North America. “The partnerships we have established demonstrate the widespread recognition of ScholARlab’s potential to transform Science education on a global scale” Franxan Stanley, Chief Business Officer of ScholarLab emphasized. “We are excited to collaborate with educational institutions and organizations worldwide to make high-quality STEM education accessible to all” he added.

Earlier this year, ScholARlab was selected by Meta (formerly Facebook) to participate in their highly exclusive XR Startup Program. Leveraging this collaboration, ScholARlab plans to harness the capabilities of Extended Reality(XR) to develop a collaborative virtual lab, taking STEM education to even greater heights. The partnership with Meta comes at a pivotal moment asScholARlab accelerates its product roadmap, continuously striving for innovation.

Building a high-quality virtual lab requires deep research to enable students of science to do far more than what they could in physical labs. Virtual labs have the advantage to go beyond the examples printed in textbooks. “With new-age gaming technologies, we have a grand opportunity to transcend to significantly higher levels by simulating real-world scenarios. Connecting the dots between scientific concepts and real applications should be an important agenda for virtual lab products.” Balaji stated.

ScholARlab’s journey has been bolstered by funding from JITO and marquee angels during their Seed funding round. Buoyed by their expanding business and numerous achievements, the company is now seeking a significantly larger funding round, which they are confident, will conclude by January 2024.

“Securing the present round of funding will enable us to further enhance ScholARlab’s capabilities and expand our reach to benefit even more students and educators globally” Kartik, Chief Technology Officer, stated “Our mission is to connect scientific concepts to application-oriented real-world scenarios. While ScholarLab’s simulations enable lab-based experiments, more than 50%of the simulations are based on real-life applications. Our dedication to continuous innovation remains unwavering, and we are excited about the future of ScholARlab and its potential to revolutionize STEM education” he added.

ScholARlab remains committed to its vision of transforming STEM education and catering to the needs of teachers and students worldwide. With their revolutionary virtual lab, ScholARlab is undoubtedly changing the landscape of science education and fostering a new generation of enthusiastic learners ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

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