Magenta Mobility partners with OutSystems to accelerate e-mobility innovation

Magenta Mobility, a leader in delivering e-mobility solutions in India, has announced the incorporation of the OutSystems platform to enhance the efficiency of its operations. OutSystems, renowned globally for its high-performance application development capabilities, empowers organizations with enterprise-grade tools needed to construct vital, strategic applications. This platform empowers users to create customized applications with flexibility, diminishing the dependence on traditional coding methods. Magenta Mobility opted for the OutSystems platform due to its user-friendly nature and agility within the development environment.

A provider of integrated clean energy and electric mobility solutions, Magenta Mobility is committed to crafting solutions that enable clients to attain sustainability objectives. As pioneers in the clean energy landscape, they challenge conventional norms, crafting and deploying innovative solutions. By embracing OutSystems technology, the company has streamlined its services and elevated user experience. The incorporation of the OutSystems platform has facilitated the digital transformation of asset tracking, monitoring, and auditing, leading to significant reductions in manual costs and improvements in accuracy.

Magenta Mobility has already initiated the deployment of apps developed through the OutSystems platform across various operational categories such as vehicle tracking and driver onboarding. Maxson Lewis, Founder & Managing Director at Magenta Mobility, remarked, “As an early mover in the e-mobility industry, we understand the need to remain agile in the services that we offer to our customers. We are excited about the potential of OutSystems technology and the opportunities it presents for us to make rapid progress in our digital transformation roadmap. Today, we are leveraging the platform to create a network of digitally enabled systems that are not only enhancing our services, but also the end customer experience.”

Mark Weaser, Vice President-Asia Pacific at OutSystems, expressed his satisfaction in collaborating with Magenta Mobility and aiding them in delivering innovation in tandem with business requirements. Weaser mentioned, “Our high-performance low-code platform provides the ability to compete and thrive in the digital age by quickly responding to market challenges and emerging opportunities with innovative and scalable, digitally-enabled business solutions. We are happy to see the positive changes that Magenta Mobility’s business has achieved after the adoption of our high performance low code platform.”

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