Oneglint Acquires Memzo to Accelerate Growth in AI-Powered Photography Solutions

Oneglint Media Solutions, a leading Hyderabad-based photography solutions company, has recently announced the acquisition of Memzo – an AI-powered photo-sharing product developed by Satya Digitech, a technology solutions company based in Jaipur. Memzo, founded in 2020 by Tarin Poddar and Priyanshi Poddar, has quickly become a leader in the field of AI-driven photo distribution, offering event participants the ability to instantly locate their photos by simply taking a selfie, harnessing the power of Memzo’s proprietary Face Recognition AI models.

This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Oneglint’s journey to enhance its photography offerings, expand its reach to new markets and customers, and solidify its position as a global powerhouse in the photography solutions industry. Oneglint plans to seamlessly integrate Memzo’s cutting-edge technology with its existing platform, promising an enhanced and unparalleled user experience. Memzo’s widespread presence across more than 20 countries will accelerate Oneglint’s global expansion, positioning the company to lead the way in the evolving world of AI-enabled photography solutions.

The acquisition of Memzo signifies Oneglint’s commitment to using AI as the next major stimulus in photography. Although the specific financial details of the deal remain undisclosed, Oneglint has acquired 100% control of Memzo in an all-cash transaction.

Oneglint Media Solutions is renowned for offering a comprehensive range of photography services and products, covering various event types, including sports, weddings, and corporate gatherings. With both on-ground photography services and a robust technology platform, Oneglint has empowered itself to efficiently distribute millions of photographs and videos to tens of thousands of event participants within hours, strengthening partnerships with esteemed companies such as Broadridge, Qualcomm, ZF, Procam, Wizcraft, IDFC First Bank, and others in under five years of operations.

Memzo, on the other hand, is an AI-powered photo distribution platform designed to cater to event guests, whether it be marathons, convocations, weddings, or other mass gatherings. By employing powerful and proprietary face recognition AI models, Memzo enables event attendees to instantly find their photos by capturing a simple selfie.

Satya Ayyagari, Co-Founder and CEO, Oneglint Media Solutions, commented on the acquisition, saying, “We are excited to welcome Memzo to the Oneglint family. Memzo has a unique and innovative solution for photo sharing that complements our vision of creating a world-class platform for the photography ecosystem. We believe that this acquisition will create value for our customers, partners, and stakeholders.”

Speaking about the acquisition, Tarin Poddar, Co-Founder of Memzo, said, “We have built a practical photo distribution platform, and we are extremely excited about this acquisition. We share a common vision, and Oneglint’s customer base and technology platform will strengthen and scale Memzo as a product. We are very excited to join hands with Oneglint and look forward to serving millions of customers in the coming years.”

The strategic acquisition represents a significant step forward in the evolution of photography solutions, driven by cutting-edge AI technology. Oneglint’s expansion and Memzo’s integration promise to bring forth exciting opportunities and advancements in the world of photography, benefiting customers and stakeholders.

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