Spring Marketing Capital invests in jewellery start-up GIVA

Spring Marketing Capital, a marketing consultancy firm, has announced to invest in jewellery start-up GIVA.

“I am glad to say we managed to bring Ishen around and happy to announce that Spring Marketing Capital is now an investor in GIVA”, Raja Ganapathy, CEO, Spring Marketing Capital, wrote in the post.

Ganapathy appreciated Ishendra Agarwal, founder, GIVA and the team for building the brand in four years. He mentions working closely with Ishendra and team to create a distinctive and differentiated fine jewellery brand.

He added, “In an incredibly short span of 4 years, Ishen and team have built Giva into a pioneering fine silver jewellery business. Razor sharp focus on the product, a keen eye on the unit economics and an ambitious growth plan in hand, we believe that Giva’s journey has just begun. The first set of retail stores have opened and Giva is poised to leverage the benefits of a strong omni channel play in the coming years.”

In March 2023, GIVA secured Rs 40 crore debt funding from Alteria Capital, a venture debt firm.

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