Sony Unveils Revolutionary BURANO Camera, Redefining Digital Cinema Capabilities

In a groundbreaking announcement, Sony introduces the cutting-edge BURANO camera, the latest addition to its esteemed CineAlta lineup, renowned for its superior digital cinema offerings. Engineered to meet the demands of single-camera operators and small crews, the BURANO sets a new standard in image quality, mobility, and innovation within the digital cinematography sphere.

At the heart of the BURANO lies a sensor meticulously calibrated to replicate the acclaimed color science of Sony’s VENICE 2, ensuring unparalleled visual fidelity across productions. This revolutionary camera, equipped with a PL-Mount, boasts the world’s first in-body image stabilization, providing filmmakers with unprecedented stability and versatility.

Sony’s commitment to advancing cinematic technology is evident in the BURANO’s compact design, which integrates an electronically variable ND filter structure alongside optical image stabilization, a remarkable achievement in engineering. Furthermore, the camera supports fast hybrid autofocus and subject recognition autofocus, catering to the dynamic needs of filmmakers capturing fast-paced scenes.

Mukesh Srivastava, Head of Digital Imaging Business at Sony India, lauded the BURANO as a catalyst for boundless creativity, empowering professionals across mainstream cinema, web series, advertising, and documentary production. “With its cinematic prowess,” Srivastava remarked, “BURANO transcends the confines of traditional cinematography, offering captivating content that resonates with audiences worldwide.”

Key Features Elevating Cinematic Excellence

The BURANO camera boasts an impressive 8.6K full-frame sensor with dual base ISO and 16 stops of latitude, delivering stunning imagery in diverse lighting conditions. This versatile device supports various shooting modes, including full-frame and Super 35, and features a de-squeeze function for anamorphic lenses.

In addition to its groundbreaking stabilization technology, the BURANO incorporates an electronic variable ND filter, offering precise exposure control in any lighting scenario. With over 70 compatible E-mount lenses, filmmakers can harness advanced hybrid autofocus and AI subject recognition, ensuring optimal focus accuracy.

Weighing approximately 33% less than Sony’s VENICE 2, the BURANO prioritizes ergonomics, featuring strategically positioned menu buttons and tally lamps for enhanced usability. The camera’s robust magnesium chassis ensures durability in challenging environments, reflecting Sony’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

Empowering Creativity with Endless Possibilities

The BURANO camera’s versatility extends beyond its hardware capabilities, with support for internal 16-bit X-OCN LT RAW format and XAVC-H recording, catering to a wide range of production requirements. With flexible log recording modes and cinematic looks, filmmakers can achieve unparalleled creative expression while maintaining color consistency across Sony’s Cinema Line.

Sony’s continuous enhancement of its Cinema Line underscores its dedication to empowering filmmakers worldwide. From hardware innovations to intuitive software solutions, the BURANO exemplifies Sony’s unwavering commitment to driving cinematic excellence.

Pricing and Availability

The booking for the BURANO digital cinema camera with an 8.6K image sensor will commence on March 19, 2024, with availability slated for the first week of April 2024, priced at Rs. 37,69,990/-. As part of a special bundle offer, customers will receive two units of CFexpress Type B Memory Card 960GB (CEB-G960T) and one unit of memory card reader (MRW-G1) worth Rs. 2,61,570/- absolutely free with the purchase of the BURANO.

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