Singapore’s Launchpilot Expands Startup School to Empower Indian Entrepreneursx`x`

LaunchPilot, an expert-led startup school for aspiring entrepreneurs, announced its entry into India today. The company aims to empower first-time founders and working professionals to build successful businesses through its “Learn, Build, Scale” methodology. LaunchPilot’s comprehensive program equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to develop their ideas, connect with mentors and investors, and launch sustainable ventures.

India boasts a thriving startup ecosystem, but many young companies struggle in the early stages due to limited resources and guidance. LaunchPilot addresses these challenges by providing aspiring entrepreneurs with access to industry experts, practical training, and valuable networking opportunities. This innovative approach helps participants navigate the critical “0-1” phase, transforming promising ideas into scalable businesses.

Commenting on India Expansion, Sarvesh Tusnial, Co-Founder LaunchPilot commented, “Entrepreneurship has the potential to impact so many lives, and yet so many founders face difficulties in executing ideas…By launching our Startup School in India, we are driven by a singular mission: to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to actively build ideas into businesses!”

LaunchPilot has a proven track record of success, collaborating with respected academic institutions like NUS Singapore and NTU Singapore to support gig economy training and student entrepreneurs. Recognizing the challenges faced by early-stage founders, LaunchPilot expanded its offerings with the Startup School initiative, empowering individuals to learn, build, and scale their entrepreneurial dreams.

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