Solana Price Analysis and Prediction For 2022

News Reportz analysis on Solana price and prediction for 2022. The year 2021 was for Solana ($SOL) as investors who held the coin on January 1st when the price was just $0.43 would’ve seen 45,000% gains at today’s $195. Much of this incredible growth, which saw Solana move from obscurity to a top 10 crypto, is attributed to Solana’s unique blockchain technology. Thanks to ‘proof-of-stake’ technology combined with Solana’s ‘proof-of-history’, transactions are processed in order, making them lightning-quick and ultra-low-cost. This pits Solana directly against Ethereum, particularly obvious in the NFT market, where Ethereum’s slow speeds and high costs continue to hamper.

So, where will Solana’s price go in 2022?

coinpriceforecast.com predicts Solana to hit $316 by the middle of 2022, a 62% upside, and $428 by the end of the year, which would net investors 120% returns over the next 12 months.

2021 was also the year for Shiba Inu, with began its meteoric climb in April, moving to meteoric levels with a massive rally in October. Investors holding Shiba Inu on January 1st, 2021, would’ve seen an unimaginable 52,857,000% return over 2021! Shiba is forecast to hit $0.000084 in Q1 2022 and $0.000088 by Q3 2022. It would mean 163% returns during 2022.

A less known success story from 2021 that is set to have a big 2022 is EverGrow Coin. At a relatively small valuation of $300 million, EverGrow is set to launch a suite of utilities in 2022, which are detailed on their website. Due to its low market cap and profound roadmap of the coins featured today, EverGrow Coin has the most upside potential, with predictions ranging from 500% to as much as 10,000% returns during 2022.

The token generates ‘rewards’ for holders in the form of Binance pegged USD; a regulated stablecoin pegged 1-1 with the USD. EverGrow paid holders over $30 million within ten weeks of a launch, which justifies a much higher valuation based on yield alone.

Many analysts have touted EverGrow to overtake ‘memecoins’ like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in 2022, driving it to become a top 20 crypto.

Safemoon exploded in 2021, becoming one of the most popular community-driven projects in crypto history. Now with over 1 million wallet holders, Safemoon can deliver on launching their blockchain and exchange in 2022. They could regain the all-time highs they achieved back in April 2021, before the coin fell 90% over the following eight months.

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