Metaverse Could Contribute $3 Trillion to Global GDP Within a Decade

The Metaverse is more than just a buzzword. In fact, this virtual-reality world, which has the ability to transform education, health care, manufacturing, job training, communications, entertainment, and retail, could become a tangible and valuable reality in the next decade. A new white paper from Analysis Group, in partnership with Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) says to achieve this, … Read more

Texas Bitcoin Miners Turn Off to Conserve Power for the Grid

The Texas Blockchain Council, a trade association representing the bitcoin mining industry in Texas, announced today that the bitcoin miners responded to the conservation notice that was issued by ERCOT yesterday. Some facilities shut down while many will ramp down in the afternoons this weekend when power is in high demand but then turn back on … Read more

Bitcoin’s On-Chain Volume Increased By 317% Reaching $4.2 Trillion In 2021

Bitcoin miners made more than $15 billion in revenue over the course of 2021, according to The Block Research. The estimate represents a year-over-year increase of 206%, per The Block Research’s 2022 Digital Asset Outlook Report. It should be noted that the estimate is premised on the notion that mining companies sell their accrued digital assets to pay … Read more

Solana Price Analysis and Prediction For 2022

News Reportz analysis on Solana price and prediction for 2022. The year 2021 was for Solana ($SOL) as investors who held the coin on January 1st when the price was just $0.43 would’ve seen 45,000% gains at today’s $195. Much of this incredible growth, which saw Solana move from obscurity to a top 10 crypto, … Read more

CoinDCX named Anjali Kakkar as Vice President of Corporate Communications

CoinDCX, India’s first crypto unicorn and safest crypto exchange, has appointed Anjali Kakkar as Vice President of Corporate Communications, increasing the company’s public outreach and advocacy activities as it continues to grow in India. Anjali was previously the Vice President of Communications at HSBC’s Global Finance Centre, and in her new role, she will be … Read more

Bitcoin Association appoints two new global ambassadors for India to advance Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business with the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, today announces that it has appointed two new Bitcoin Association Ambassadors as part of its global ambassador programme, with Kumaraguru Ramanujam and Rohan Sharan both appointed as Bitcoin Association Ambassadors for India. Bitcoin Association Ambassadors are experienced … Read more

World’s first cryptocurrency and NFT investment fund for science & technology is launched


STEM Genesis will harness the surge in cryptocurrency investment to fund innovation in STEM that tackles global challenges and helps meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Dr Jackie Lighten – STEM Genesis founder, University of Exeter– says the project is building a decentralised finance (DeFi) ‘ecosystem’ to support STEM around the world. “Most research grants … Read more

Next Shiba Inu of 2022 Distributes More than 27 Million in BUSD Rewards


EverGrow Coin has already surpassed many well-established cryptocurrencies and has achieved a $1 billion market cap and 105K+ Token holders. Aiming to be the next Shiba Inu, EverGrow Coin has already distributed $27 million BUSD in rewards to its holder. The revolutionary smart contracts of EverGrow Coin distribute 8% of every Buy/Sell transaction among its token holders in Binance … Read more

Bitcoin Association Become an Associate Member of the Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (JCBA)

Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business with the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain and digital currency, today announces that it has been admitted to join the Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (JCBA) as an associate member as part of its ongoing efforts to support the growth of enterprise blockchain technologies in Japan and across Asia. The JCBA … Read more

OctaFX Examines the Battle for Monetary Supremacy: Blockchain vs Legacy Finance

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of the bitcoin bull market. This remarkable race was made more interesting by a few but significant corrections. Blockchain technology isn’t going away anytime soon. The future of finance will be determined by how legacy institutions and governments respond. OctaFX, a global broker, published an expert piece examining … Read more

Blockchainappsdeveloper Offers A Fully Featured Binance Clone Script For All Startups And Entrepreneurs


Binance is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, with a presence in over 180 countries and over 15 million registered users worldwide. Almost 100% of people who have cryptocurrencies know Binance for its reputation, a quick exchange of coins, and profit percentage. Why don’t you start an exchange like Binance? It’s an … Read more

Cryptocurrencies Rising in Value While Becoming More Mainstream Day By Day


Bitcoin stormed above $66,000 for the first time, riding a wave of excitement about how the financial establishment is increasingly accepting the digital currency’s rise. APNews reported that one Bitcoin was valued at $66,096, as of 4:15 p.m. Eastern time, after earlier climbing as high as $66,974.77. The digital currency has roared back after sinking below $30,000 during the summer to top its prior record … Read more