Pro Panja League partners with NFT platform Colexion

Colexion, an NFT platform, has announced an exclusive relationship with Pro Panja League. The league will provide Colexion the right to produce NFTs of noteworthy moments from past and future matches, allowing fans to claim ownership of their favourite arm-wrestling moments in a verifiable fashion.

Pro Panja League, the largest arm-wrestling event in Asia and the first of its type in India, was launched in 2020 by Swen Entertainment in collaboration with IOS Sports and Entertainment. The league, which is a popular grassroots sport in India, has seen a phenomenal reaction in terms of participation and spectators from all over the country.

Speaking on the partnership Preeti Jhangiani, Founder-Director of Pro Panja League said, “Pro Panja is all about revolutionizing a humble, grassroots sport of India and providing it with the rightful platform to stand at par with other sports leagues in the country. Thus, we are delighted to partner with Colexion to create the first-ever arm-wrestling NFTs in India. By giving fans the chance to own a piece of their beloved sports, this will further elevate the fan experience by providing new and innovative ways to engage with panja.”

Meanwhile, Abhay Aggarwal, Founder, and CEO of Colexion said, “We are creating a robust platform that showcases the digital legacies of some of the greatest artists, personalities, and talent across the world. We are thrilled to collaborate with Pro Panja League to empower digital artists and provide them with an opportunity to have special and personal experiences with their all-time favorite sportspersons.”

Bibin Babu, Co-founder, and COO of Colexion, also added, “In the NFT space, Colexion is a pioneer and continues to advance their creator-focused mission. With each passing day, Colexion gains momentum and we are delighted to partner up with the fastest-growing arm-wrestling league in India. The expansion of the Pro Panja League has been impressive. The partnership between PPL and Colexion will allow it to break into the blockchain world, unlock new NFT values and be a part of the metaverse.”

Colexion is Asia’s biggest NFT marketplace that allows fans to buy, trade, and sell unique digital collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). An NFT is a form of blockchain-based digital asset, such as images, videos, and text, that has a recorded, verified ownership status. The platform recently launched the first minted NFT ever to be sent in orbit, when Yuvraj Singh’s iconic bat flew to space in a hot-air balloon

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