Healthtech Startup Traya Raises USD 2.2 Mn In Pre-Series A Funding

Traya, a holistic hair care platform, has secured $2.2 million in a pre-Series A fundraising round headed by Fireside Ventures, with existing investors Kae Capital and Whiteboard Capital participating. Traya has taken it upon itself to make a difference in the hair market by offering a holistic approach to hair loss management. The cash will be used to boost research and development, establish cutting-edge technologies to personalise the hair growth experience, hire people, and expand the brand’s reach, according to the firm.

Holistic hair care platform Traya has raised $2.2 million in a pre-Series A funding round, led by Fireside Ventures, with participation from existing investors Kae Capital and Whiteboard Capital.

The current hair industry is flooded with hair fall products without any clinical efficacy. A one product for all approach can never work for hair loss or for that matter any chronic health issue. Hair loss escalation can be because of multiple root causes and the solutions offered through shampoos, serums, etc., do not get to the root cause of an individual’s hair loss. ‘Traya’ in Sanskrit refers to the threefold way, which is precisely what the brand utilises to manage hair loss. By marrying the science & clinically proven results of western medicine with Ayurveda and food science, Traya helps people identify type, stage and root cause and then puts together a treatment plan accordingly

Altaf Saiyed, Co-founder at Traya commented, “I know how tough it is to realise that one has hair loss and then ask for help because I’ve been there. There are so many false claims on the market that it’s easy to assume there’s nothing that can be done. Hair loss or hair fall is a medical problem that requires a diagnosis and treatment by doctors, and that is what we are here to alter.”

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